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15 Black Owned Beauty/ Lifestyle Brands that you NEED in your Life TODAY!


Hello Beauties! This month, we are featuring Black owned lifestyle and beauty brands from all over! These are the brands you need in your life… not now, but RIGHT NOW! IF you love makeup, shades, shoes, hair, skin, nails…body care, and candles read on! Come get this Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy in your life, and if you find a brand that catches your eye, click the name to be taken directly to their page to get a closer look! With the holidays fast approaching, many community businesses really need us to step up and support, now more than ever! Many community businesses get over looked for “name brand” or “luxury brand” designers, and many times those brands give nothing back to the community. Remember that every single time you buy from a community business, someone is doing a happy dance, so give these brands a whirl…each one is one of the top picks and favorites from our staff! Happy Holidays!



  1. Coco & Breezy Eye Wear

Coco and Breezy  is an eye wear brand that is sure to intensify your slay game by about 10,000 points! Twin designers Corianna and Brianna have elevated the posh look with their gorgeous array of sunglasses that have become a well kept celebrity secret over the past few years!  From  the late Prince’s unique, custom “third eye” sunglasses to collaborations with luxury brands like Ciroc, Hershey’s, and many more, this brand is what you nee when you want to throw ultimate shade, by wearing it! Glasses come in a variety of frame designs to compliment every face shape, and they are affordable when compared to similar quality name brands like Versace, that can easily ring you up at double the price! If you’re sleeping on these shades, they better be under you on your pool side lounge chair.


2. Savage x Fenty


As if you didn’t already know that our good sis Rihanna has come for our necks once again, what are you doing with your life?  With her smash hit complexion friendly makeup line, she already had us 0n the hook for life! Now with sexy under wear line, she’s snatched our wigs once again!  Savage x Fenty is GORGEOUS! Manufactured with high quality fabrics and laces, this body positive line is stunning to say the least, and offers an endless selection of affordable, yet luxury collection of bras, panties, lingerie, and super sensual body suits. You better get into it so that you can get taken OUT OF IT! YASSSS….


3. Lovinah


If I could describe Lovinah in one word it would be LUXURY.  This beautiful skincare line is crafted from the finest ingredients from ancient African traditions. Combined with modern technology, these ancient infusions have been brought to the next level so that even the most sensitive skin can seek refuge. Beyond the beautiful packaging, this brand offers skin radiance and supple moisture to give skin the ultimate healthy glow from within. Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles is only the beginning.  Infused to with rare, exotic ingredients like Dragons Blood Tree resin, and 100%  Cold Pressed Cacay oil, which is full of skin repairing nutrients that penetrate on the deepest levels, this skin care line goes above and beyond anything you’ve ever tried, and for a fraction of the cost!



4.  Black Girl Sun Screen

YAY!! Finally! A sunscreen that works for dark skinned beauty! I love the benefits of sunscreen, but i tend to avoid it even though I need it because its always given me an ugly purple cast on my dark skin tone that’s hard to hide, chalky, and just flat out NOT IT! Black girl sunscreen has come out and flipped the script! Woop Woop! No matter what you’ve been told, you need sunscreen. Yes… even if you’re dark. The ozone layer isn’t what it used to be, and we’re getting less protection from harmful the harsh rays of the sun. Though less prone to actual sunburn if you’re dark skinned, chances are you have uneven skin tone on your face. Too much unprotected sun exposure can turn those naturally occurring darker areas into hyper pigmentation which is hard to get rid of. Better to prevent it all together with a nice sunscreen… and now, we can do it without looking like BoBo the clown!


5. The Honey Pot


The Honey Pot is a fantastic feminine care brand! They are a plant based line designed to soothe, cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate your… ahem… honey pot and keep her happy during all times of the month; but they pay special attention to the monthly cycle and have many products that are designated for that time of the month! We love them because besides being plant based and free of harmful chemicals, they also have a huge range of products that cater to our most intimate areas during and after pregnancy, and during the menstrual cycle. If you’re post-partum or still carrying your baby, they have products that will care for you too, like their post partum herbal pads that relieve cramping and soreness or their mommy-to- be wash, that gently eliminates odor causing bacteria, leaving you with a freshness that lasts all day! They also have fresh panty mist, perfect for those extra hot days, and and several types of foaming, gentle washes that won’t dry out delicate skin. These products are a must try for all skin types and feminine care needs!



6. XtensionSpa


Ahhh… the shameless self plug. Lol… What can we say? If we’re going to mention fabulous black owned brands, how could we not self mention? XtensionSpa is everything to us. We have curated the best hair products from around the world and pride ourselves on bringing you a level of quality and customer service unmatched in the hair industry.  We know that purchasing hair online can be a HUGE financial risk, as scammers in this industry run rampant. Most of the time, there is no way you can be sure that you’re not paying for a feast, only to receive crumbs in the mail… if that. It can be very difficult to earn the trust of potential customers, but we’re doing it 1 by 1 , no scam, no bad hair, nothing but quality and the customer service you expect with your investment. We value your money, which is why we have such an intimate relationship with our customers. Our hair is celebrity quality, lasts for years, and yes, it’s all powered by very hard working black girl magic!



7 . Coloured Raine


Coloured Raine is such a rich and beautiful makeup line. They have a full range of products that cater to the most discerning tastes, while being totally affordable. The color pay off of their lip lacquers alone are worth the price of admission. Stunning eye-shadow palettes can be purchased in either small or large, or you can create your own with single pans! We love that! They are a small business but they are making a big statement with their range of color and their AMAZING foundation that will cover heavy tattoos and blemishes in just a few swipes!


8. RockDeep Footwear and Accessories

If you’re a sneaker lover, this company will DEFINITELY be your tease! RockDeep footwear has an amazing style and color range on their sneaker line that you’ll have to see it to believe. They have every type of active shoe you can think of… from golf, training, hiking, running, and even the ever stylish and futuristic sneaker boot that will turn heads for sure! Well balanced prices average at about $90 a pair, so you will elevate your style game without breaking the bank, like you would with well known name brands, all while surrounded by plush comfort… unlike many giant name brands. You wont even compromise on quality either… now that’s something to run toward!




9. Harlem Candle Company

Who doesn’t love a warm, inviting, fresh smelling space? Personally, if you don’t like candles, I don’t trust you.  For those of you who are like me, and LOVE… no wait… are OBSESSED with candles, then Harlem Candle co. is a brad you need in your life for sure! Each candle is handcrafted and infused with a fragrance that captures the essence a prominent Black historical figures that left their artistic mark on New York during the roaring 20’s. Legends like  Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, and Langston Hughes live on through these succulent scents that blend fresh herbs and botanicals like tobacco, bourbon, saffron, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, tangerine, coconut and crisp green apple. You’re just not ready to get lit like this…


10. Dimension Nails


Dimension Nails offers us something I’ve never seen in the nail industry by any other brand. An environmentally friendly, chemical free, vegan gel polishes, nail powders, nail lacquers, and nail building enhancements What?! This brand goes above and beyond vegan and cruelty free. Many brands say that, but do they actually put their money where their mouth is? Hmmm… who can say? I know that Dimension nails donates 5% of every purchase to an animal sanctuary and/or a company that is dedicated to preserving our environment by preserving natural habitats, replenishing resources, planting trees and more! How amazing!


11. J’Shea Essentials

This is a little known, all natural handcrafted brand that I’ve had the pleasure of using several times over the years. Its WONDERFUL… The J’shea oil in particular is out of this world! Great for hair, skin, nails, bath, and pretty much anywhere you’d think to put a yummy smelling oil! I am really REALLY giving you guys the tea on this brand! You NEED IT. Just the smell alone is unbelievable, but it works just the way it says it does, and its one of my favorite ways to moisturize my natural hair or spice up my bath. They also have a facial serum that helps to naturally soothe and eliminate blemishes, and decrease the appearance of scarring from acne, hyper-pigmentation, or other unwanted skin issues without the use of harsh chemicals of any kind. Did I mention the amazing smell? Girrrlllll… you need it! TRUST ME!


12. Zaaf 

How could We do a black owned brand must have without one brand from the motherland? Zaaf is a hand bag line hailing from the beautiful country of Ethiopia. Each bag has its own unique design that will certainly turn heads. Covered in intricate beading, word work, and gorgeous trims, these bags have been a well kept celebrity secret until they made a splash in magazines like ELLE, Lucky, and of course the fashion bible, VOGUE. Known for their intricate leather shaping and cuts, we cant think of a better accessory for the discerning King or Queen in your life. This would be a great gift for that person in your life who has everything. Perhaps its you! Well, once again, its time to treat yo self!


13. Re ONA

ReOna is a soft, beautiful, ethically manufactured, and most importantly affordable clothing brand for ladies who want to look beautiful without much effort or fuss. Simple creams, soft blacks and chocolaty browns make up this gorgeous clothing lines fall collection. These designs will hug your curves and add a sexy & feminine, yet classy flare to any occasion. This clothing line gets extra love from us because they only create lines in small batches to reduce their waste while looking out for the environment.



 15. Brother Vellies


Brother Vellies is one of those brands that either you know, or you’re wishing you did. These shoes are so fly… and they’re doing it for the culture! Mixing both modern, and traditional African styles, this luxury line of shoes and handbags takes it to another level… making you forget all about unaffordable (and many times unfriendly) European brands that jam the market. From mules, to knee high boots, to stilettos and flats, this brand has it all at a fraction of the price… without skimping on quality. Stomp your own runway in a pair of these luxurious shoes! If you can make it 2 feet without being asked where you got them, you must live on Mars where no one else can see.



We hope you enjoyed this blog, and cant wait to see you in the next one! Be sure to Share and leave us a comment! Until next time…


Vox Meyers



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