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2 Frontals + 1 Bundle= The Most Amazing Custom Ponytail Method Ever!!

Hi Beauties!! Are you ready for the dopest custom ponytail method ever?! Get ready!!


You’ll need:

1 bundle

2 frontals

Your favorite lace adhesive

Stocking cap

weave glue

Edge control (optional)

Rat tail comb

Ponytail holder or elastic

Spritz and/or hairspray

Lace tint (optional)

Liquid Cap (optional)

Blow dryer


Instead of trying to TELL you how, we’ve found 2 great videos that feature different head sizes and methods of this amazing technique that  will give you a custom ponytail or beautiful low maintenance high bun! This is a great technique to use if you have a few mismatched textures of frontals or even a bundle that you’ve been waiting to use but you’re trying to save money!

This is also an excellent method for a protective style over natural long or short hair, or even if you’re bald! Sometimes its hard to fit a factory made 360 with short or no hair, as they can tend to be bulky if you have little or no hair to support the fit. This method lets you have it all, we love it!

We suggest you tint your lace FIRST if you have a deeper skin tone, instead of trying to so it after the install. It will save you time and hassle of trying to fiddle with it once its locked in place. Enjoy and we’ll see you next month!!


Shanice White

-Team XtensonSpa


March 15th, 2021|Uncategorized|0 Comments

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