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5 Amazing Hair Masks to Help Boost Natural Hair Growth!




Are you in need of a natural hair growth boost? I know we were! If you’re anything like me, it takes A LOT for your natural hair to see any growth, even when doing what you can to maintain its health. I’m a busy mom on the go, and protective styles are my go to… not just for hair protection, but for ease of style and simplicity. However, I  sometimes get caught up in a wig tidal wave where I forget to really nourish my natural hair, and I was starting to see a decline in my natural length and thickness. Several ladies on Team XtensionSpa have the same issue,  so that’s when we did a little research and decided to try a few masks… hey, what better way to spend a several month month lockdown than to do what we can to pack on the hair pounds? However, this time, instead of our usual bundles and wigs, we decided to go for a little experiment. Each of us tried a couple different masks during lockdown and these were our top picks for the best in hair nourishment and growth!


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Shea Moisture Power Greens Reconstructor

Price: $9.99

Why We love it:  This powerful masque packs a power punch! Say that 3x fast! This is a great one for super dry, thick course hair that craves moisture. Its especially useful  now that the weather is colder, as we tend to give our hair more moisture treatments during the summer when its hot. If you have brittle, hard 4c hair, this just might be the one for you! Infused with avocado, a known source of healthy fat, kale, a strong source of iron and vitamin c, and moringa oil which nourishes, smooths and repairs and seals damaged cuticles, your hair will be back to its soft, manageable, and most importantly a healthy state of growth in no time!  The price point is also a thumbs up for us! Saving a coin or two when you can (especially now!) is super important!




Camille Rose Coconut Water Hair Treatment

Price $19.99

Why we love it:  Infused with hydrating coconut water, natures natural deep hydration booster, this silky smooth easy to rinse treatment will leave your hair fresh and soft with a light bounce.  This beautiful treatment will promote hair growth because its secret weapon is nettles! A natural grown promoting botanical that gently strengthens weak strands, as it burrows in to the weak spots in your hair and protects it like a glove. It also doesn’t leave hair greasy or weighed down with an oily film like many treatments do, so that’s a total win. It’s formulated for thick full hair, so keep that in mind if you’re on the finer end of the spectrum.





Thann Shiso Hair Mask

Price $30

Why we love it:

This one is slightly more on the expensive side, however its the perfect blend of growth supporting botanicals, vitamin -c, and antioxidants enhanced with the latest in cuticle penetrating technology to smooth your hair, and leave it as soft as cashmere. The perfect formula for long, fine hair, Thann Shiso will elevate your hair game to the next level without leaving it oily or weighted down. Leaving your hair silky, fresh, and dramatically wind worthy! Yasssss! Antioxidants strip the hair of residue left behind that block the hair from receiving essential oxygen, which stunts hair growth. Trust us, you’ll know where those extra coins went when you splurge on this decadent hair masque!


Bondi Boost Miracle Hair Mask


Why We love it!

This Bondi Boost mask is basically a hair super hero in a jar. We actually think they should change the packaging to include a little cape. Lol. No seriously!  Its certified vegan, cruelty free, and filled to the brim with organic, nourishing ingredients that will give stagnated lifeless hair a jumpstart. A short list of these ingredients are hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is an excellent animal free protein designed to make thin hair fee fat and juicy, while healing aloe vera seeks out broken damaged areas and fills them into create a smooth silky texture. Exotic Abyssinian  oil  is a light, yet powerful emollient that penetrates and nourishes the hair from the inside out without adding weight.  Jojoba and Castor oil, long known for their hair growth and restorative properties, join forces to not only support the growth of new hair, but also to protect and promote growth in the hair that’s already there! All this without adding a greasy feel… what more can you ask for?




Vitamins Hair Growth Support Mask


Why We Love it!

This mask is incredible! Honestly, we probably saved the best for last. While every other mask on this list helps promote hair growth, this one is SPECIFICALLY formulated to grow fine and thinning hair and restore it to glory! The active ingredient Baicapil™ is the secret behind this mask, which pretty much weaponizes an army of botanical ingredients that are scientifically proven to support natural, healthy hair growth! This thick and creamy formula surrounds and fortifies each strand beyond the cuticle layer, going deep inside to heal and restore weakened areas. Vitamins formula takes it a step further by being hormone free, gluten free (yay!), cruelty free ( double yay!), dairy, and hair dulling sulfate free. Other ingredients include rare Baobab oil, Shea and Coconut oils.  Treat your natural hair with this mask between installs to see visible change in hair growth, density, and softness.



Remember that protective styles and extensions are only protective if you’re caring for your natural hair beneath them! Trust us, your natural hair will thank you!


-Amanda Bresk











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