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5 EASY Ways to HIDE Your roots WITHOUT Hair Color! #rootforyourstylist

Hey Lovelies!! We hope this blog finds you happy and well! We know its getting kinda squirmy out there, waiting for this quarantine to be over so that we can all head back to our hairstylists, manicurists, facialists, and every other person that keeps us looking tip top! HELLO PERSONAL TRAINER!!  For a lot of us, he hardest thing to wait for is a trip to the salon! Our gray hair is creeping IN while we wait this bad boy out, and we’re NOT HERE FOR THE GAMES! Between staying at home 24 hours a day with the kids and hubs (HELLO WINE!) we’re REALLY starting to see and feel how much we love our hairstylist. How much we miss them, and wish they were here! However, some of us…. some of us are thinking about being naughty! If you’re one of the ones thinking about saying “to hell with it”, and coloring your hair at home STOP right there!! Put that box dye down and BACK AWAY from the peroxide!

We’re going to #rootforourstylists and wait until this mess is over so that the pros can attack our grays and other color woes. Why? Well mainly for these two reasons (and believe me, they’re good).

Reason #1.

Your stylist is off work right now. They’re going to need  their clients just as much as you’ll need them when all of this is over!

Reason #2.

You’ll end up spending A LOT MORE MONEY on color correction if you use box dye! When you finally do go back to your trusted stylist, its going to be very expensive to correct it!

(and trust me… when you go back, you’ll be super embarrassed!)

Ok, so then what to do in the meantime? Well, you hide it of course! Here’s how!

A cute head band with a top knot or ponytail!

This style is cute, fresh, stylish and easy. You can wear it with a low bun, top knot, pony tail, or even with your hair down! It’s a great style to wear for doing household chores, or even romping around on the couch fort with the kids! Above everything else though, it hides our hairline and temples where grays and overgrown roots tease us the most!

A Fashion Turban, hat or beanie!

Fashion turbans are not only a fun way to hide your roots, but they’re also super chic! I wear them often because they make me feel like I’m in an episode of Dynasty! Ok, totally aged myself with that one, but you know what I mean! Old Hollywood Glam makes me feel soo good! Pair it with a red lip and a long robe just for fun, and  Viola! You’re a black & white movie star Dahling… haaa haaa!! Hats and beanies are also a staple in my wardrobe!  A cozy beanie is everything, especially when the weather is yucky.

 Temporary Root Concealer Spray!

If you just cant stand it and have to do something, reach for a root concealer spray! They come in an array of colors, will banish your gray hair in a snap, AND they’re water soluble! That means that they can last in your hair for a few days before washing them out! Dry Shampoo also now comes in color form! Many companies have colored dry shampoo ranging from dark brown all the way up to the lightest blonde! Colored dry shampoo is a great way to  double duty, (color plus refresh) for those days when you just wanna lay low and multi task!

Get Wiggy wit It!

A wig is the perfect way to conceal EVERYTHING… The roots, the tips, the entire damn thing. Especially if its a hot mess… lol.  Hair that’s easy to take on an off, while keeping it cute and classy is really the ticket to happiness, quarantine or no quarantine! If wigs aren’t normally your jam, we HIGHLY suggest giving one a try! Now that you may have some extra time on your hands, you may want to use some of it to play with your look! Short ones, long ones, curly, or straight… you really can’t go wrong with a wig. They are some of the best investments I’ve ever made. You can always rely on them, unlike the stock market….

A Halo Braid!

This style is soo sweet and soft. It works for all face shapes and hair types, and we just love it! Its also a great way to hide your roots because it takes the focus away from your hairline and any natural parting space you may have and redirects it to the beautiful braid. Its also a  great style you can rock for several days before you get bored with it and want to switch it up to something else. A halo braid is a great way to look pretty without heat styling. Its truly a universal do that will help you get through the anguish of not having your stylist for a little while!


We hope you enjoyed this blog, and that its helped you hold on just a little while longer!!


Miranda Vanowitz





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