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5 Tips to help you UNLEASH your Inner Goddess!

Ladies, this about being your best self. Its sooo easy to get overwhelmed in our daily roles as wives, mothers, sisters, and even friends that we sometimes forget to be our own friend, and we find ourselves feeling empty at the end of the day. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and if we’re not careful, it can turn into years that we’re running on fumes! That’s certainly no way for a goddess to live! Here at XtensionSpa, we are dedicated to helping you Xtend your confidence, your attitude, and your beauty, & what better way to do that than giving you these 5 easy tips to help you unleash your inner Goddess! It’s time to live your BEST life! Enjoy! — Shonda Morris


1. Be Yourself!

This one is sometimes much easier said than done, right? For this to work, you have to ask “Who am I?” then actually answer that question, and live in it! This is soooo important because your true self is a compass that will POINT you in the direction that your spirit needs to go, which will lead to ULTIMATE HAPPINESS! You can’t achieve this level of happiness by trying to be someone else, or even by continuing to be an OLD VERSION OF YOURSELF! Ask yourself this question often, and change course if you have to!! No matter what, you’ll be OK!


2. Stop saying “YES” all the time!

Did you know that constantly saying “YES” to things you don’t want to do can have a seriously negative effect on your physical and emotional health? If you find yourself doing this hurtful compromising, look for ways that you can change it. Sometimes it’s unavoidable… like if your employer asks you to do something that’s annoying, you may have to do it as part of your job. However, you should NEVER compromise your integrity or happiness to comfort, placate, or please someone else to the detriment of your own happiness. Saying “NO” is A-OK, especially if saying yes will make you feel drained, or worse, bad about yourself. Skip that party… block that bad situation… and keep it moving!


3. Spend time in Nature!

I know you’re probably scratching your wig trying to figure out where the heck I’m going with this one. Lol… I know! Think of it this way…Mother Nature is the biggest baddest Goddess there is! I don’t mean going to the woods to tromp around (though of course that would be great!) I mean go out and get some sun!! We spend a TON if time indoors… whether it’s in the car, at the office, even at home, and believe it or not, not seeing outside can greatly affect your mood. Doing something as simple as talking a walk outside, sitting at the park, or even going to the beach on a whim can boost your general feelings of wellbeing! It can even have more wonderful benefits if while doing these activities, you give the technology a break! Turn off your phone, and no checking in to social media. Just enjoy the breeze, the waves, or that patch of grass next to your lunch table outside if that’s all you can get!


4. Explore your Body!

Um… yea. That’s what I said, but I’m not going where you think I’m going (at least not in this sentence). Your body is INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, AND CAPABLE!! (Yes, regardless of your size). Try moving out of your comfort zone with your body, and try pushing yourself. You can start slowly by walking an extra 5-10 mins on the treadmill when you’re working out, OR try an alternative exercise! Yaaassss girl, take that pole dancing or areal arts class!! Take martial arts or boxing! Do that yoga you’ve been wanting to try! Anything that’s going to get you out of your comfort zone with your body, will also get you out of your comfort zone in your mind, and that’s great because it’s how we grow!! Now on to the part maybe you didn’t want to discuss… self-touch. Perhaps exploring your physical feminine self is unfamiliar. You’re not alone!! Remember, unleashing your inner goddess is a journey, not a destination! If you’re shy about touching yourself, or don’t really get the point, you can read about some of the amazing health benefits here, and there are tons of other articles on the subject online. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, and why not start with yourself? For those of you looking to take your self-guided feminine touch to a different goddess level, get ready…. Have you ever heard of yoni eggs? Yes, I have personally tried them and I have 2 words. GAME CHANGER!!!


5. Realize you have CHOICES!

This may be the most powerful tip of all. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!! It’s your life, and you get to design it! Yes, there are many influences in our lives, but you are the most powerful one of all.          NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT!!


*Here’s a BONUS tip… for those of you who stayed till the end. Do yourself a favor and get rid of anything and anyone in your life that makes you feel like you’re not good enough! Unfollow, unsubscribe, delete and say goodbye to that social media account that makes you feel un-pretty, to the “friend” who never seems to be happy for you when you win, or that boyfriend/girlfriend who insists you’d be hotter if you just lost a little weight. You DESEVE BETTER.

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