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5 tips to help your natural hair flourish!

Hello Again Beauties!!! No matter who you are, you want your natural hair to flourish, and be at its best no matter what right? We understand!  Perhaps you’re just beginning your natural hair journey, or like us you’re a veteran at the process. Wherever you are in your journey, were hooking you up with 5 tips to help your natural hair thrive no matter what!!


Tip 1

Say goodbye to shampoo!! Say what? That’s right…  X out the poo poo boo!!

Shampoos, although they clean your hair, can sometimes strip too many natural oils and make your hair have to fight dryness bigtime. Especially if you live in a place with hard water (Hello California Girls!!) We suggest giving co-wash a try! If you’ve never heard of co-wash, or have heard of it but don’t know what the heck it is, we got you! Co-wash stands for CONDITIONER WASH. Instead of using shampoo, use a conditioning cleanser to gently remove dirt and build up! Co-wash is great as an in between shampoos regimen as well!!

How can you tell if it’s a good co-wash formula? Cleansing Conditioner or co-wash formulas should be free from sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate etc.) and soaps that remove impurities harshly. They need to be free of parabens, which are preservatives (that many people prefer to avoid in general), free from heavy petrolatum and similar mineral oils, & free from silicones that can sit on the surface of the hair and cause build-up. We like this one!! Co-washing isn’t for every hair type… if your hair is naturally stick straight or super fine, you might want to find another method, but for hair that’s 4c or super curly and thick, it might be the golden ticket!


Tip 2

Trim your ends!!

While it is a myth that trimming your ends “makes your hair grow”, it is true that it keeps your hair HEALTHY. Broken ends can eventually split all the way up the hair shaft, causing damage and forcing you to end up cutting more hair off when you get a full haircut! Think of trimming your ends like pruning a plants dead leaves! It leaves more nutrients for the hair that’s healthy!


Tip 3

Say NO or LOW too harsh chemicals and styling products!!

Relaxers (or perms), bleach, high lift color, crazy thick gel, and hard hairspray can really take a toll on hair health. Whether its breaking down the hair bonds like bleach, or soaking the hair in alcohol which is super drying like thick gels and super hard hairsprays do, too much of any of these things are a no no if you want your natural hair to be as fleeky as your XtensionSpa hair. It would be great if you could cut these things out altogether, but of course we all have different wants, needs, and lifestyles. We suggest having your stylist use a bond builder like Olaplex if you’re going to use a chemical like bleach. It greatly reduces the amount of damage your hair takes during the lifting process. Talk to your hairstylist about adding it to your next chemical service! If you’re using heavy gels or sprays to keep fly aways at bay, make sure they’re alcohol free or that you’re removing them thoroughly with each wash so your hair won’t be super dry.


Tip 4

Leave your hair ALONE!!

Perhaps you’re taking a break from EVERYTHING, or are between protective styles. That’s great too! Taking a break from it all has its own benefits! Just make sure that you’re sleeping with your bonnet, protecting your edges, moisturizing, properly cleansing, drinking water, and minding your business… (ok, maybe not that last one! I love hot tea… lol) but really… letting your natural hair free every now and then can greatly Xtend your confidence, and you know were ALL about that action here at XtensionSpa!!


Tip 5


Moisture makes all the difference with hair health!! Not all oils are created equal, and not every oil works great on every hair type!! Experiment to see what works best for your luscious locks! We love jojoba oil and avocado oil for the summer months, and we like to switch it up for the winter with some heavier oils like castor oil and shea. We also love adding exotic oils to our HS&N (hair skin and nails) routine! Baobab oil and Moringa oil are two AMAZING super antioxidant oils that you should give a whirl! They add tons of vitamins and have natural protective and restorative properties that can’t be beat!!


Until next time beauties!!


Vox Meyers

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