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5 Ways to Look & FEEL like You’re on Vacation instead of in Quarantine!


Hello Beauties!

As uncertainties rise during the current healthcare crisis, are you finding it tough to think of yourself ? Perhaps it seems selfish and silly to think of making yourself feel good while there are major scary things happening in the world, but you’d be surprised to know that something as simple as keeping a self care routine can help drive away depression, and eliminate stress. Whether you’re aware of it or not, we’re all under MAJOR stress right now!  From the constant barrage of daily news, to the non stop memes, gov orders, money worries and fear culture in general, its easy to over look yourself and get into a slump. We here at team XtensionSpa recently closed our warehouse in order to look after our employees and customers alike… and for me, its super hard to not slip into a depressive state. I am single and I have no children, and am quarantined alone during this time, so keeping a routine going so that I don’t go stir crazy is a must!!

Even if you have children, or a giant household to look after, ladies (and gentlemen), I HIGHLY recommend this or a similar routine that will help you emerge from isolation looking like a butterfly and not a caterpillar!


I’ve been drinking water like crazy. Staying hydrated not only keeps your immune health in check, it also helps keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy too! Many times, we don’t realize how much were NOT drinking water because we’re on coffee, sodas, and dessert style  whipa-fraappa-lattes with extra whatever. Swap it all out for good ‘ol H2O baby! I have limited myself to 1 black coffee a day and if I haven’t had it by 10 am, I’ve been skipping it all together. You should also watch your intake of alcohol at this time. Alcohol in excess, ESPECIALLY during difficult or stressful times will not only dehydrate you, but it can lead to all sorts of other problems, so stay on that water!! Add a slice of lemon, a couple of frozen berries, or even a sprinkle of cayenne pepper (that’s right!) it puts a pep in my step and has a lot of added benefits like lowering your blood pressure & boosting your metabolism!

Keep it Moving!

This is a great time to lose a few pounds without the hassle of the gym! Every night, no matter what, make a work out a part of your either wake up or bedtime routine. This is a great one to get the entire family in on as well. I’ve been doing 20-30 mins of yoga every night  and I’ve lost 8 pounds! There are some great free classes online and even great channels on Youtube  (I LOVE Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube) ! She has a yoga practice for everything including anxiety! If yoga isn’t your thing, or if your family is the type that needs mom to be in the mix and 20 mins of yoga by yourself just isn’t going to happen, put on music and challenge your family to a dance off! Having fun and incorporating music is SOOOOO important to mental and physical health.

Moisture is your FRIEND!

A little dab will do ya! I’ve been making sure to keep my hair skin and nails moisturized on the outside too.  A cap full of olive oil in your bath water can go a looong way! Getting your entire body moisturized at one time without wasting anything is key to living well, and conserving at the same time. Be sure to keep up with little things we normally take for granted like oiling your cuticles, doing hair masques, and your skincare routine. When you head to the store for food, throw a sheet masque in your bag! They can be found next to the body washes in most stores, and they’re a cheap way to luxuriate even if you don’t have much money! Just one little sheet masque can go a long way in helping you feel good when you may not be up to anything but feeling scared or sad. Try your best to NOT NEGLECT THESE THINGS!  Taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance! Not just physically, but mentally also! If you’re one of the amazing healthcare workers, or other essential workforce employees this is super crucial for you!

Connect with the Divine!

For many of us, myself included, our spiritual practice is EVERYTHING! Be sure to take out some time to connect to your spirituality. Spend some time everyday in prayer, meditation, chanting, or keeping a journal. Even if its only a few mins a day, it can make a HUGE difference in how you feel after all of this is over and  more importantly, while its still going! If you don’t have a spiritual practice, that’s okay too! Spend this time getting to know yourself more! Keep a journal and write a list of goals. Now is a great time to bring that idea you have in your head into reality, create that vision board, and re align with your life’s purpose! Write that script, start writing that book…. just go for it! Despite the circumstances, we have been given the gift of TIME. Use it to your advantage!

Get and Send Love!!

Check on your friends and family! Face time, Google Duo, Instagram, Facebook, and a good old school phone call will keep you connected to your tribe! Staying connected is super important to you staying upbeat and it will help drive away any blues! Limit your scary news intake and negative social media posts! If your circle is small, or you don’t have anyone you can contact…. get on Instagram and join the world party with DJ DNice! His Handle is @Dnice and hes a wonderful DJ who is doing a world party from his living room…. spinning tunes for HOURS to connect the world FOR FREE! Everyone you can think of including TONS of your favorite celebrities are hanging out in his live and listening to the music and just vibe-ing…. IT’S AWESOME! Remember we’re all in this together!! Reach out and be a friend, settle old scores, extend forgiveness and MOVE ON consciously into the positive!


Bonus Tips…. Here are some things to do to keep you busy and help you feel amazing!

. Start to Learn a Language! – Duolingo is a FREE app where you can learn many languages from your mobile device!

. Donate to a worthy cause!- There are many Go Fund Me pages out there where you can help folks that may have less than you!

.  Make Positive Content!- There are TONS of people looking to learn something you know how to do! Start a YouTube channel, or go LIVE on Social Media and TEACH!

. Take a Class! is a platform where you can learn to Code, learn Marketing, Design, Photography, for VERY LOW PRICES!


Until Nest time!

Lydia Hines

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