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All about the YONI! Eggs, Steam, Yoni Yoga, and more!!


Of course this is the month of loooove blog… but this Valentines season, it’s ALL about YOU! This past year has been, challenging to say the least. Many of us have lost ourselves in all the madness. We are celebrating and loving ourselves in this blog! This month it’s centered on The Yoni! Never heard of it? Well, for many women, it’s the center of womanhood and a very special place, that deserves and requires very special care! Please be aware that this blog contains material and subject matter that is, while tasteful, meant for adults only. If you are under 18 or the age of consent where you live, please read no further.


What is Yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb, and the female organs of generation. It also connotes the female sexual organs such as “vagina”, “vulva”, and “uterus”, or alternatively to “origin, abode, or source” of anything in other contexts.

Caring for the yoni is a diverse practice  that women have been doing in one way or another since ancient times. If this is a new concept to you, don’t feel left out! For generations, women have ben taught that its taboo, dirty, weird, or gross to even look down there, let alone care for your girl like you would care for a garden. You are beautiful and perfectly made, and so is your body! Sooo… lets explore some of the ways you can be your own Valentine, and lets get into ways that you can treat yourself to some of these amazing self love rituals!

*Please note that this article contains information of an adult nature. If you are not of legal consenting age where you live, follow a faith that does not allow, or for other reasons are not able to read about sex, sexuality, or sensitive topics, please we ask that you read no further. By reading further, you affirm that you are an adult, and that you consent to read about these topics. Please consult with your doctor to be assured that any of the methods in this article are right for you before beginning a new Yoni practice.

The Kegel

Kegel exercises are a well known way to safely strengthen the muscles and tissues of the Yoni. They are very beneficial, and used for keeping the muscles strong, tight, and healthy.  Doing regular Kegel exercises can greatly increase your ability to gain control over the muscles in and around your pelvic floor, allowing blood flow to increase to this area which can aide in healing after child birth, and in giving you a simple general awareness of those muscles. Strengthening of the muscles of the Yoni can help  increase sexual stamina and pleasure ( for you AND your partner), as well as ease tensions in vaginal birth, and can upgrade sexual desire & stamina which can sometimes decrease as one enters menopause. If you’ve never tried this exercise, you can begin by using the muscles of your Yoni and closing them for 3 seconds, then releasing them for 3 seconds. Do this for up to 5 minutes a day for a noticeable change in strength of the muscles of your Yoni!

The Yoni Egg

The use of yoni eggs are an ancient Chinese beauty secret, and and amazing practice that has recently returned to the main stream. The Yoni egg itself is a smooth, egg shaped crystal or stone that is inserted into the Yoni and allowed to remain there for several hours. These eggs come in different sizes, and are many times bought in a trio (large, medium, and small). As you become more skilled in your practice, You can move down a size ( start with large… then move to medium, then small). Yoni eggs are said to help with strength, stamina, texture, muscle control, and elasticity of the muscles, as well as increasing the moisture of the walls and tissues… yes girl.  Regular use of Yoni eggs can give you that… ahem… WAP that we’ve been hearing so much about lately (thank you Cardi and Megan!). I cam PERSONALLY attest to the changes, as I have been working with my yoni egg for about a year and a half. I noticed changes after 3 days! I actually did an experiment, as I didn’t tell my husband I was trying it ( I wanted to see if he would notice anything different).

I personally noticed a difference in my natural lubrication and self awareness… and also my personal fragrance.  Before using yoni eggs, I was neutral, but after about 3 days, I noticed a NATURAL sweet fragrance begin to surface.  Ahem… and my hubby NOTICED NOTICED! Lets just say that intimate moments are much more exciting and MUCH more  pleasurable for the both of us! Now for those of you who may be worried, NO you cannot lose the yoni egg while its inserted, but for those who are new to yoni egg practice; many companies offer “drilled” eggs that have a hole where you can insert a string for easy removal. Yoni eggs also come in different stones, such as jade ( the perfect stone for beginners) rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger eye and more! If you do any meditation or chakra work, these stones can be used to set intentions that many say can aide in transmuting and healing traumas, especially those of a sexual nature. Yoni eggs can also be used along WITH kegel exercises, and/or yoni yoga to further enhance and customize the strength of the yoni and the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can help contract and re-tighten the muscles, and can make you feel like you have a brand new friend girl lol!  This ancient beauty practice has truly been a game changer for me personally. I love them and I’m sure you will too!

Yoni Steam

Yoni steam is another ancient practice that is a staple for many women around the world. Now a popular spa treatment referred to as the V-Steam, it can also be used in addition to any other yoni practice you are doing, or it can be used as a stand alone self love ritual.  Many women say that it can be used to detox the yoni, however, scientifically speaking the yoni doesn’t need internal cleansing, as it does the job itself daily. However, many women use yoni steam to help release stress, heal the tissues of the yoni post partum, increase natural lubrication, soothe the symptoms of menopause, regulate menstrual cycles, spiritually release old relationship connections, and more!

So what is it, and how is it done?!

Organic herbs and flowers are added to hot purified water which makes a “tea” that is placed under a special seat with an opening, that allows the magical steam to gently reach the yoni for about 5-10 minutes. A special over robe is worn to maintain privacy, as well as tent the steam. This method is also used as a way to connect with other women on their self love journey, as group yoni steaming is a popular spa service that friends and family members can book together!  Many celebrities swear by this technique, including Crissy Teigen, Gweneth Paltrow, and more! Give it a whirl yourself, there are many home kits that have a special bowl what can attach to your commode, or you can buy a beautiful handcrafted yoni steam seat from many different sellers on Etsy!


Yoni Yoga

Did you know that you can turn ANY  yoga practice into Yoni Yoga and that it is said that it helps to benefit and strengthen the yoni as well? Just like other forms of yoga are designed to strengthen and heal other parts of the body, Yoni Yoga is designed to focus SPECIFICALLY on woman’s sacred center… but guess what? You don’t have to be a circus performer or yogi to make Yoni Yoga work for you! It simply depends upon you setting intention to focus upon the center of your womanhood, and the incorporation kegels and/or a yoni egg  into your yoga practice! You can do this even if you’re new to yoga, and new to the yoni centered lifestyle! Some of the benefits of Yoni centered Yoga may include enhanced self love and awareness, strength and power in the yoni, tapping into and enhancing your feminine energy, increased sexual satisfaction, self kindness and focused attention to self love, releasing sexual traumas, increased yoni dexterity and more!! Yoga in general moves blood and other essential fluids through the body and helps shape both physical and spiritual wellness. Making an intentional effort and allowing the mind and body to work together as a focused unit to achieve a physical goal will help you , if nothing else, achieve high levels on concentration which can be used for just about anything! Why not have that goal be optimum Yoni wellness? Trust me, She’ll thank you!


Yoni Meditation

If yoga and stretching isn’t really your tease, or you simply can’t do yoga due to perhaps physical limitations; but you still want to get in on the benefits of a Yoni centered lifestyle, perhaps Yoni Meditation is for you! You can use your powerful your intent to heal, strengthen, tighten and your Yoni using meditation, along with kegel exercises and/or a yoni egg! Remember, each yoni egg is a specific crystal that can be used to heal and awaken your feminine center at will! You are such a powerhouse and you may not even be aware of it! Remember, whether you’re a mother or not, or have the ability to carry a child or not, your body is LITERALLY built to carry and sustain a life form! Perhaps, that life form is only you… but believe me, YOU’RE ENOUGH, AND PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! Eastern medicine has suggested for millennia that chi (or life force energy) can be moved and controlled with the mind, and that there is a STRONG min body connection. You can certainly harness the power of yourself, for yourself sis!  Perhaps its time to start including the part of yourself that gives others life, and use it to renew your own life force!  You’re a Goddess! Never for get it!



We here at XtensionSpa thank you for reading this blog… we know that intimacy is a sensitive topic! Please remember to consult with your doctor before beginning any new yoni centered practice, especially if you are pregnant or lactating. Yoni eggs are not recommended for women with certain health conditions, cancers, or IUD devices. When searching for an egg, we HIGHLY RECCOMEND finding a company that certifies their Yoni egg stones as pure with a gem certification.  Remember, We are here to help you Xtend your beauty in every way, every single day, and we thank you for sharing this blog with your friends!!

We look forward to seeing you in the next one!

Janelle Freeman-Marcus


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