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Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets: REVEALED!

The people of ancient Egypt mastered EVERYTHING they did and invented many things we still use today, like wig making, scented body oils, milk baths, and hair removal (pampering the Queens and Pharaohs was no joke!) so they came up with beauty rituals fit for royalty that would take many hours and multiple servants… but we’ve cracked the code and simplified 5 beautiful Ancient Egyptian traditions into something you can do in your apartment with your hair in a towel and your cat licking your ankle… (Ancient Egyptians loved cats too, so you’re halfway there)


1. The Soap Cake

The Ancient Egyptians were OBSESSED with being clean, as they believed it brought them closer to their Gods! We’re sure you’ve heard the saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness… right? Well, of course you have you Goddess you! The ancient Egyptians blended fine clay with incense ash and olive oil to create their soap cakes and used them to not only keep clean and fresh, but to protect their skin from the harsh African sun! Have you ever thought about making your own soap? It’s easier than you may think!

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2. The Milk Bath

There are VERY FEW things in this world better than a milk bath. If you haven’t had one, you’re truly missing out! It took a long time to prepare these deeply soothing ritual baths for Queens like Nefertiti (who’s name literally means “A beautiful woman has come”) or the ever famous Cleopatra who spared no expense to have whatever she wanted as she was regarded as not just a Queen, but a Pharaoh!

Prepared in ancient times with fresh camel, goat, or rich ox milk, honey, pure spring water, flowers, exotic oils and aromatic healing herbs, these baths would be warmed and the Queen would be babied and washed for hours surrounded by candles and incense… complete of course with massages from a handful of the most dutiful servants! How’s that for pampering eh?

Milk is great for nourishing the body, as the lactic acid helps to release dead skin cells and moisturize the fresh skin beneath.

Add one or ALL of these ingredients to your bath tonight to experience this timeless tradition, and languish a little longer! You deserve it!

1.  2 Gallons of organic fresh or powdered milk (goats milk is a great sub for cow’s milk here)
2.  ½ cup organic extra virgin olive oil
3.  ½ cup Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt
4.  8-10 drops of Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oil
5.  6-8 drops of Frankincense essential oil (an Ancient Egyptian favorite!)
6.  6-8 drops of Patchouli essential oil
7.  Rose petals or Daisy flower tops (optional)

*Queen Tip! If you use powdered milk, you can mix all of these ingredients and store them in a jar to save it for later or gift to a fellow Queen!

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3. Body Sugaring

Have you ever heard of this method of hair removal? It’s gaining popularity in western culture and is now becoming the go to choice over traditional waxing, as it takes less time and causes less pain. Invented thousands of years ago in… you guessed it Ancient Egypt! This method was used to quickly remove body hair and leave the skin with a glowing flawless finish! It combined sugar, honey, and lemon to make a hot paste that was applied to body hair, then gently removed in quick motions. Most high end spas have this method available Give it a try next time you need a hair removal service to see the difference!

4. The Magic of Aloe Vera

We all know that aloe is a magical plant! It’s what we use to combat sun burn! Ancients used this plant for sooo many things including face masks, to sooth bug bites, to clear up skin irritations… and the list goes on! You can easily find this plant locally at your neighborhood nursery, or order one online to keep in the house for when you need it! Add some Aloe Vera gel to your favorite deep conditioning treatment for super shiny hair and curls that bounce back all day, or throw a chunk of fresh aloe gel in a blender with half an avocado and some organic honey for a soothing face or nourishing hair mask! Mmmmm…. Luxury!

5. Wigs and Hair Pieces

This one is a well-known Egyptian beauty secret but how could we not include it?! Both men and women wore wigs (shaving their natural hair was common) and they wore intricate hair pieces and wigs made of braids, wool, and fibers and decorated them with gold beads, shells & precious gems and stones like rubies, emeralds and lapis lazuli. The wigs were so well made that you can still see some of them in museums today and they are STILL BRAIDED! Of course the richer you were, the fancier your wig was; the fanciest belonging to the Queens and Pharaohs. If you didn’t have a wig, you were probably poor, as they were VERY expensive and time consuming to make (just like NOW!) lucky for you, you’ve got XtensionSpa as your secret wig weapon! We have the highest quality hair in every texture your little heart desires, from Afro Kinky to our luxurious 32” bundles of Brazilian silky straight, and of course we have pre made wigs too! Shop now <—(click here) and strut your royal stuff!


Until Next time Queens!
Anon Vehrkhi

(Please be sure to follow all safety precautions when using essential oils including but not limited to: keep out of reach of children and pets, do not use in open wounds, eyes, or mucus membranes, & do not take internally unless it’s OK with your doctor.)



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