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DIY Your Mani! The Best at Home Nail Kits!

Hello Beautiful!

The idea for this blog came to me because unfortunately, right after the lock down, I found out that my long time nail tech moved away! NOOOOOO….. Er mer gerd ! Immediately I thought what am I gonna do when this is all over? She was… like… my nail lady for 8 years! What am I gonna dooooo (insert crying emojis)! Until I find a nail shop ( Lord help your good sis… you know I’m picky as hell).

So, in the meantime, I had do something with these raggedy fingers. Its still going to be a while before my city re opens nails shops and hair salons, but even when they do re open I wont even get a chance for a final manicure with my long time girl! Then I got the idea for press on nails! I hadn’t used press on nails for a long long while, but I’ve had TIIIMMME…. because I thought I was stuck on struggle!

I used to love press on nails when I was a kid! Who remembers LEE Press on Nails? Man, I think I just put an age label on myself….lol. Anyway, I figure since I’m in this boat I needed to do some research on what the best press on and in home manicure kits were. SO for the last 3 months, my daughter and I have pretty much tried every single in home manicure you could shake a mask at. These made the top favs list… not only for durability and staying power, but the fact that they were all very pretty! Just because we’re locked away from our beauty crew doesn’t mean we can’t get our shine on! These petty press on’s will keep us in the green until I find another pro and we’re all off of lock down! Now you can DIY that mani sis! No one will ever know!

Click the name of each nail set to be taken to the shop page for that set!


ImPress x Rebecca Minkoff – Le French

These almond shaped nails are sooo pretty! Long gone are the days when you had to struggle with glue, where you run the risk of drying out your cuticles and sticking your fingers together… then after all that, your left hand didn’t match your right hand. Womp Womp… Now ImpRess press on nails have made it easier than ever to apply a pretty manicure in seconds, that right… TOTALLY GLUE LESS! These stayed put without glue through sinks full of dishes, showers,  and daily typing on the computer. Super… IMPRESSED! $8.99


Color Street- Made in Milan

These color polish strips by Color Street nails are Fantastic! They’re not press on nails, but rather Press on nail polish instead! We love them because they last for 10 days and are super easy to put over your natural nail and just file the excess away for a perfect, mess free mani every time! They just peel and stick, and can be taken off with nail polish remover! This gorgeous deep eggplant color is totally drool worthy! It’s called Made in Milan, and we’re obsessed, but they have a wide range of other colors including styles with glitter and nail art! No more sitting for hours and paying crazy prices for a design! Excellent! (in my Mr. Burns Voice) lol. $11.00


KISS Nails- Glam Fantasy 3D Press On Nails


We love the versatility of this set! You can use a pre set sticky pad, OR you can add a dab of glue for an extra grip and long lasting hold. These nails are thin and light weight, with an adorable unicorn fantasy color and 3D accent nails to enhance the look! We love the shape and that they are a nice universal length… and who can get over the color? So pretty! $8.99


DDANDAlNAILS Press on Nails- Etsy Shop

Did you know that you could get AMAZING press on nails on Etsy? That’s right, the beloved artisans platform has a ton of  shops that make really impressive and beautiful press on nails for a fraction of the price of what you’d pay to get a similar style done at a shop! You’ve seen some of your favorite artists wear this stiletto shape lately! Stars like Cardi B and Billie Eilish love rocking this bold look, and you will too! This brand makes their nails to order, and they’re strong and sturdy with tons of shapes! We love it! You will love it too if you’re bold and daring! They may seem a little pricey for press on nails, but when you factor in the fact they they’re re- usable and made to order, you really can’t complain!  My daughter LOVED them! $30.00


P’ura Manicures



Yet another Esty shop that is slaying our entire existence with their selection of delectable nails is the shop P’ura Manicures! Just look at these gorgeous baby blue marble and gold striped nails! For this nail art in a shop, you’d pay nothing less than $60, but for this P’ura set, you’ll only pay $22.48! Wow! This is also a shop that makes bespoke nails (bespoke = custom made) and their nails fit like a dream! This set is called Blue My Mind! We agree with that name choice as our minds were totally BLOWN!  What more can you ask for in a set of gorgeous nails? I love this shape most of all… they’re long enough for glam, but i can still type without losing speed. LOVE IT!


Until Next time!

April Maynard-Jones







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