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Drippin! Learn to do the Water Color Technique!

Remember back in the day when we thought coloring our hair with Kool-Aid was poppin? Little did we know we were inspiring the FUTURE!   (wait… did I just age myself? Lol)


Social media (Instagram in particular) has taken our childhood trend to a whole new level with the Water Color Technique! This method should only cost you between $6-$20 depending on how many bottles of color you use! That’s what I’m talking about!  We’re here to help you save those coins sis!

So… how do YOU learn to do it flawlessly like your favorite celebs and YouTubers? As always, XtensionSpa has got you covered with our step by step DIY guide on this simple (AND CHEAP) technique that will level up your hair color game! Now you too can get it poppin like the pro’s… but not nearly as poppin as my 11 year old self and my packet of Kool-Aid. I said what I said. Haaa!!


Jackie Furlow


                                                                                                       How to Watercolor Your Extensions





Below is the list of ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 Bottle of Adore, Manic Panic or similar ammonia free color ( Use 2 or more bottles if you want intense color. You can find these colors at your local beauty supply or online at Amazon)
  • Your XtensionSpa 613 blonde Extensions
  • Plastic spoon or whisk
  • Large glass or plastic bowl
  • Hot tap water
  • Gloves


Step 1: Prep your hair!

Before you prepare to color anything make sure that you’ve removed all labels, rubber bands, and plastic ties from your extensions. Leaving any of these items on the hair while coloring them may prevent the color from penetrating those areas. We also suggest that you unravel and gently brush through the hair so that you can be sure there are no tangles, as they may also prevent even color. Once you have all of your bundles prepped set them to the side until it’s time to dunk them.

Step 2: Prep your color bath!

Turn your sink on and let the hot water run for a bit. Do not boil the water, hot from your sink should work just fine.

While your water is heating, take your bottle of color and empty it into your plastic or glass bowl. I like to get every bit of my color out of the bottle, so I also add water to the bottle shake it and pour it back into the bowl. At this point, your water should be hot enough so now you can fill your bowl about 3/4 of the way, with the hot tap water. Use your plastic spoon or whisk to fully mix the color into the water. It’s essential that you make sure to break up any chunks of color so that there aren’t any uneven patches on your extensions when you remove them from the bath. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors!! Mixing different colors will give you dimension and a true custom color!

Step 3: Lay Your Extensions Directly into the Color Bath

Wearing your gloves, fully submerge the hair in the water and don’t pull it out until after about 10 minutes, or until the water is clear (or mostly clear depending on how much color you’ve used). If the water is clear that means that the hair has absorbed all of the colors. If you want more of a pastel color or a tint, use just one bottle of color and leave the hair in for half the time. Lay the hair in gently, and don’t tangle it with your fingers.

You may notice that in some YouTube videos, some ladies DUNK and quickly pull the hair from the color bath but don’t allow it to sit. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND doing it this way, because it can lead to uneven color saturation. Unless uneven color is something you’re purposefully trying to do to add dimension for a specialty look, please allow the hair to sit in the water until it reaches your intended color. Once you’ve finished the color, pull the hair from the bath, condition the hair and rise. Allow your extensions to air dry, or dry with a blow dryer. That’s it! Easy. Quick. Super simple!




Bonus PRO Tips!!


You may want to add darkened roots on your bundles or wig in order to have a more realistic vs. a fantasy look. We suggest coloring your roots BEFORE you water color so that it tones the roots along with the rest of the color. Doing this will assure that it all blends together seamlessly. Also, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to do a TEST STRAND to see the color BEFORE committing to it! If you have any 613 hair left over from making your wig, use a small piece of it to test your water color before dipping the entire wig or all of the bundles! if you don’t have any air left over, snip a small piece of hair from your bundles or wig to use for a test strand. That way, you can see what the final result will be before you do it!! Now that’s what we call inspiring the FUTURE!!

We love the simplicity of the water color method! Don’t forget to share all of your watercolor extension creations with us at XtensionSpa! Tag us on social media wearing your fantasy colors, and don’t forget to share this blog!

Until Next time!!

Jackie Furlow



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