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Easy Lace Tinting for Deep Skin Tones

Hey there all my gorgeous chocolate beauties!!! This is a quick blog is just for you!

Ok, so your XtensionSpa hair has arrived, but the lace color doesn’t blend into your rich skin tone? We’ve got your back sis!! Follow these quick steps to get the perfect tint to your lace without the messiness of using (and wasting) your expensive face powder or foundation on the lace every time you want to rock your new unit!

We recommend using a glass bowl or plastic bin for tinting your lace, and not your open sink because these colors (though ammonia free) CAN leave a stain in your sink.


What you’ll need

1 small plastic bin (you can find these at target, amazon, or a similar retailer for very cheap)

1 pair of tint safe gloves

Warm water

1 bottle of Adore ammonia free tint in one of these deep shades (from lightest to darkest)

(Click each color name for its purchase link)

Mocha #107

Dark chocolate #109

Darkest brown #110


Depending upon how deep your skin tone is, one of these shades should work for you. Do NOT go darker than your skin tone! This will create a line of demarcation that will make your lace visible when worn.  We HIGHLY recommend testing the color FIRST on a piece of the lace you plan to trim, just to be sure it will tint to your perfect match.

Fill the bin with warm water about half way. Wearing your gloves, add table spoon of color to the water and swish until the water has fully changed color.  Fully submerge the lace you want to tint.  Leave it for approx. 5 mins, then remove and pat dry with a paper towel. Lay the lace against your skin to check the match. If it’s not quite there, let it soak for a few extra minutes. Dry, and enjoy!! It’s that easy!!


See you in the next blog queens!!

Vox Meyers

October 5th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

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