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Get your WIG On! 5 Reasons why Wigs are the Best Protective Style!

Hey beauties! Are you ready to take a break from braids, weaves, or maybe even wearing your natural hair out, but you’re not sure what your next move should be? We’ve got you! Wigs are undeniably an amazing way to switch it up, so let’s get into the 5 reasons why we think wigs are the best protective style!!

Reason # 1


They’re a super fast way to get ready!! We’ve all been running late, and have no idea what to do with our hair! A wig takes less than a minute to put on, fluff out, and get back to your life, while at the same time protecting your natural hair from heat styling! They’re also great for travel! You can have more fun on vacation because you’re not trying to figure out your style!


Reason #2


They’re a great way to switch up your style with no fuss! Here at XtensionSpa, you know we love to “keep them guessing”! Maybe Monday is a short n’ sexy bob with bangs, and Tuesday it’s a 32 inch silky straight… then on Wednesday, it’s a curly fro. Thursday? You’re killin’ em with those layered Brazilian waves, and Friday it’s all about that 613 blonde!! With wigs, there are a million ways to slay!! Would you believe I switched my wig in the middle of a date? HAAAA!! Just to see what he would do! I went to dinner in an afro, then went upstairs to “freshen up” and came back with a long silky straight from the gawds!! He just stood there staring and… #shook! He LOVED that I was so open and had no shame in my wig game… lol. It was fun! (That man is now my husband… just saying. Wigs are magic!)

Reason #3


Girl! It’s now easier than ever to custom make your own gorgeous wig! From bundles, to 360 frontals, there are a ton of options to choose from! Don’t wanna glue it? You can rock a closure with an elastic band! Wearing it for the long haul? Lay it down with your favorite adhesive, and you’re on point AND protected! Always wanted to try a rainbow of colors but afraid of that it would do to your natural hair? Boom! A wig has you covered! How bout that!

Reason #4


Stack those coins sis! Did you know that when you do the math, a wig is REALLY the way to go to save the coins? Wigs last for YEARS and you always have a new style ready to go, which means less trips to the salon for expensive sew-ins or press and curls. They are a long term investment that pays off big time when you calculate what it would cost to get your natural hair to look similar to your favorite wig with a hairstylist!

Reason #5

Take a break!

They’re a great way to take a break from heat, chemicals, and any other style that may be damaging your hair or giving your edges the blues. They are a TRUE protective style, because they cover your entire head, unlike a weave that has a leave out or braids that are hard to get squeaky clean. They are simple to remove, and so much fun to make!! Get your wig on!!!


*bonus reason!! When you start getting compliments on how fly your wigs are, you can put your girls on to XtensionSpa so you can slay TOGETHER! I mean, who doesn’t want a fly squad?


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Until next time Beauties!

Angie McMillian




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  1. Senitas Hair September 9, 2019 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Thank you so much for the tips, very helpful

    • Xtension Spa Admin September 9, 2019 at 11:38 am - Reply

      Our Pleasure! Thanks for stopping by!

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