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HD, Silk, French, Korean or Swiss… Which Wig Lace is Best?

Oooook So there’s been a huge shift in the wigs and extensions world!!! Raise your hand if you’ve heard! (Bonus points to you if you ACTUALLY raised your hand! Lol)

We’re talking about HD and Transparent Lace baby yeah! Finer and thinner, this new lace claims to make your frontal, closure or wig so melted and undetectable that that NASA would have a hard time seeing it! Yass! So what’s the difference and do they really over throw the silk base and dethrone the Queen of them all… Swiss Lace? What about French lace and Filament Lace? It’s HD, Transparent, Swiss lace, and French Lace… oh my!

But don’t worry! As always, WEAVE got you sis! As you already know, we here at XtensionSpa are here to Xtend everything, and that’s including your lace knowledge!


Let’s get started!


French Lace

  1. What is it?

French lace is thick and durable wig base. It’s definitely detectable on a wig straight out of the package.

  1. What is it used for?

French lace is mostly used for synthetic wig bases or on lower quality human hair. You’ll usually see French lace on Beauty supply, catalog  or “fashion” wigs. these are Great wigs for beginners or for those on a budget who want a realistic look. Some companies will try to trick you by saying the lace is “real swiss lace” (as Swiss lace is higher quality) but don’t fall for it. If the whole wig is $100 or less, the lace is french or something else.

  1. Can you look good wearing it?

Totally! With a little finesse, you can! Cut the lace back well, and color it with a little foundation that matches your skin tone. Bangs are a great way to hide this type of lace if you’re rocking a budget wig, or are new to customizing. French Lace is great for those who use adhesives and glues but want to remove their wig daily, or for those of you who are just HARD on a wig… (you know who you are!)

Korean or Filament Lace

  1. What is it?

Korean Lace aka Filament lace is a plastic version of French Lace. Also detectable on a wig right out of the package.

  1. What is it used for?

Filament lace is usually used in a very thin layer around the edge, nape, or parting space of a good quality synthetic wig, and sometimes a men’s hair system or toupee. Sometimes it is attached to a “skin” like layer, making the wig more durable.

  1. Can you still look good wearing it?

No. This lace isn’t meant to be worn, but it’s rather a guide of where to cut. Trim the excess lace ALL the way down if it’s on the perimeter or nape, but leave it in tact if it’s in the parting space. It will still give your synthetic wig a more natural appearance that’s a far cry from the days where synthetic wigs were hard front horrors, only worn by the grannies in church on the front row! If you have this lace in a parting space, use a little of your favorite concealer on it to blend it, and voila! You poppin!


Swiss Lace

  1.  What is it?

Swiss Lace is the current quality standard of lace products! It can be undetectable right out of the package (depending upon your skin tone) although a lot of companies are now making them in a wider range of colors. All XtensionSpa lace products are made on top quality Swiss Lace (unless otherwise ststed).

  1. What is it used for?

Swiss lace is used for most high end lace products on the market. Everything from closures, to frontals and even full wigs. Its high quality, versatile and durable! It’s been used by the film and tv industries, wig makers, celebrities, and the wealthy for many years to create custom hair illusion pieces. Only in the last 15 years have we seen Swiss lace become available and popular with the general public.

  1. Can you look good wearing it?

YES! Even though HD is now all the rage, good ‘ol  Swiss lace is still a fantastic option! You can melt it just as slick as the new stuff, and it’s also durable. It can withstand vigorous customization/plucking, hair color, and it can be repaired! Total win!

Silk Lace

  1. What is it?

Silk is an alternative to Swiss Lace. It’s usually not referred to as Silk Lace, but rather a Silk Base. It’s made of fine silk instead of the traditional lace mesh. Silk tops are also known for laying very flat.

  1. What is it used for?

Closures, frontals and frontal wigs. It’s very rare to find a FULL silk based wig. A Silk Based top comes in two layers. The top is the silk prtion where the hair is embedded, and the perimeter is Swiss Lace so if you’ve never tried one and want give it a try, be aware that its SUPPOSED to be like that. The lace border makes it easy to sew down, where Silk tends to fray if you sew it.

  1. Can you look good wearing it?

YES!!! Silk bases are a great alternative! We like them because they’re low maintenance while giving a very realistic and natural look to your closures or frontals. You don’t even have to bleach the knots because the hair is embedded in the silk, vs tied to the lace! Silk bases are also easily tinted to match a darker skin tone using RIT or other fabric dyes. The major drawback is that they’re difficult to customize i.e., no plucking to match your natural hairline. (Which is why we don’t carry them in our store) and they’re nearly impossible to repair as well. They’re also a bit more expensive than lace… but give them a whirl if you what to see the difference!

HD and Transparent Lace

  1. What is it?

HD lace is the newest craze hitting the hair and extensions market!  This lace is a super thin, fine, and pretty much invisible version of Swiss Lace. It melts a look to perfection! So what’s the difference between Transparent Lace and Swiss? NOTHING!  They’re EXACTLY THE SAME!!!  Say what?! Yup… the only difference between Swiss and Transparent Lace is just words and marketing! HD is an upgraded super fine version!

  1. What is it used for?

High End frontals, closures, and wigs

  1. Can you look good wearing it?

YES!! This new lace works like magic to disappear into your skin tone without much effort! When properly melted, it’s practically undetectable! The only drawback we’ve found is that it’s NOT durable. If you’re hard on a wig or glue & remove your wig daily, we don’t recommend HD lace for you. It’s not easily repaired either. It’s a bit more expensive than traditional Swiss lace so you’ll really be wasting your money if you’re not careful with it! It requires a gentle touch….but once you lay it it’s the definition of “what lace!?” and YES, we now stock this lace in our store!

When it comes to lace, it’s really about personal preference and what you need it to do! One lace being “better” is really subjective. It’s about what works best for your needs, wants, and BUDGET! We hope this blog was helpful for you! If so, please leave us a comment and don’t forget to share this blog!!

Until Next time beauties!

Vox Meyers


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  3. Bina May 19, 2020 at 8:28 am - Reply

    Thank you, please you have links to companies that produce HD?

    • Xtension Spa Admin May 19, 2020 at 10:36 pm - Reply

      Hello! We have many HD laces right here in our store! We have both closures and frontals in authentic HD lace that’s AMAZING !

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