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Holiday Beauty Hacks for Flawless and Easy Hair, Skin, Nails and MORE!

Hello Beauties! This month, we’re focused on the upcoming holidays, and tis the season for looking AMAZING… but who has the time to do the most? Not me! Between the kids, hubby, work, the dog and the bills, the last thing on my mind is putting a lot of effort into looking amazing for any reason. Then all of  a sudden bam! The holiday parties are in my lap and I’m wishing I had more time to gather a plan of attack on what to wear, how to style my hair and ANY makeup tips I can get! What I’ve always needed was a quick way to slay, and hack those holiday looks with simple, easy tips to help me survive the holiday parties with no stress! Ok, no stress about the way I look at least…

If you’re just like me, then fear NOT! We’ve got you covered just in time for the holiday season with these wonderful, yet simple beauty hacks to have you looking flawless at every party from now until new years!


  1. Body

We all want flawless glowing skin, regardless of our age or complexion, am I right? There’s something super satisfying about being able to add the #nofilter label on a picture that boosts our confidence to the max! Well we all know that a flawless slay begins with great skin. Here’s how to get it even on a tight schedule! Let’s hack that Body Glow!

Here’s How: 

After exfoliating with a juicy scrub, add 1-2 pumps of your favorite body shimmer to your regular lotion! That way, it Xtends both products and you have a natural glow that’s great for a holiday party, without feeling overwhelmed by too much glitter!  We love the Body Lava by Fenty Beauty or the Shimmer Time Body Oil By Tarte! Both are available at your local Sephora!



Need those curves to pop in all the right places? Hack it!

Here’s How:

Get a shapewear IN YOUR SIZE that has straps and DON’T double layer with panties!  Lots of ladies like to size down when buying shapewear, but  getting your size ensures  flexibility, smooths  you out, and eliminates  unflattering roll down and getting bunched up and bulky in all the wrong ways! Also, skipping underwear beneath gives you that extra smooth silhouette , allowing a control top shapewear to REALLY do the job, yet leaving you with room for dessert!


Need flats less than halfway through the party? Did you know that there is a way to last all night long in your stilettos WITHOUT the pain? Hack your high heels with this old time trick!

Here’s How:

Rub a bit of the same numbing cream you use before you get a wax onto sensitive areas of your feet about 15 mins BEFORE you put on your red bottoms! Dab a little on the balls of your feet, arches, and anywhere else that starts to ache and give your pretty tootsies the blues! Be careful not to make your entire foot numb… you still want to be able to walk, dance, and move about safely, especially if you’re having drinks, but this old time supermodel trick will have you parting like a rock star and leaving the girls who need flats in the dust!




2. Face

We all love makeup, but most of us aren’t makeup artists… even though we may have gotten an advanced degree  at YouTube University ( I have a doctorate myself… lol) Here’s a trick used by many pros and celebrity makeup artists that will help you hack that holiday makeup routine in no time!

Here’s How:


Don’t overwhelm yourself with foundation! Concentrate the bulk of the product on problem areas, then blend out to bare skin. I started using this hack several months back and it works like crazy! People think I just

have flawless skin naturally, when I’m just doing my foundation routine to hide my hyper-pigmentation on my chin and under my eyes. I learned this trick after reading an article about how Beyonce’s makeup artist keeps her makeup looking youthful! All hail the Queen!




Red is always great for the holiday season! My favorite red has got to be Ruby Woo by Mac! Literally great on EVERY skin tone, this blue based red slays like Santa and Rudolph! But what if you’re not a red type of girl? We say, opt for a nude or a stunning gloss like the original Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow, or the alternative shade Shimmer Shade Diamond Milk! Both are available at Sephora! We also LOVE Mented cosmetics nude lipsticks for deep skin tones!  Our favorites are Dope Toupe and Brown Bare! You’ll never have to play the guessing game about your lip shade ever again! Find Ruby Woo in any MAC store and Mented at!


I’m Terrible with eyeliner! I can never get those cat eye wings to match up! One eye is always living the dream, while the other is always broken down and begging. HAA! If you’re like me, you need something quick and fool proof to hack the look flawlessly every time!

Here’s How:

Ever tried an eye liner stamp?  Now you can get that sexy come hither cat eye with a fail proof application EVERY SINGLE TIME when you try the Vamp Stamp! I love it because you’re guaranteed to have the same size & shape eyeliner on both sides! The Vamp Stamp is a cat eye rubber stamp that creates a winged liner look in seconds! This Amazing makeup tool is available at your local ULTA and it comes in 3 sizes!

3. Nails

Here’s a simple way to hack your manicure! I always get gel manicures because they last and last… but lately, Its been pretty impossible to get in to my nail tech because I’ve been overwhelmed with work, travel, and family time. When gel nails grow out, they can chip, crack and leave an over all unsavory appearance that you have a hard time removing on your own unless you can get in to the nail shop. Sometimes, there really is ZERO pamper me time during the holiday season, so here’s how I keep a fresh looking Manicure no matter what!

Here’s How:

Keep Colors simple and designs to a minimum during this busy season. Go for soft pale pinks, Ombre french, or of course red in your gel manicure with a pro. Then make sure the gel color the nail tech is using comes in traditional polish, so that you can touch up on the go if there will be a while before your next visit to get your manicure!! We love colors like ESSIE Ballet Slippers which is a soft pale pink that looks great on all skin tones, or OPI Big Apple Red to keep the party going!

4. Hair

We’ve saved the best for last!! Hair during the holidays is is best kept simple also! Tis definitely the season for a great wig, specially if you like to switch your style up from party to party! Here are our top 2 style choices that work whether you’re wearing a wig, extensions, or your natural hair, and these tips work NO MATTER WHAT TEXTURE you rock!

The Messy Bun

A messy bun is a great holiday style to wear because it looks effortlessly sexy and chic! Need a hack? We’ve got you!

Here’s How:

If you’re a wig wearer and want to rock this style, we suggest either a full lace wig or a 360 frontal to remain undetectable! Use a wavy texture so that you can leave romantic fringe around the face and nape area to add flare. Pre style the bun on a wig head the day before you plant to wear it and use a bun donut to get that beautiful fullness. Feel free to work in some braids or twists for that extra special touch!

You can use the same trick if you’re wearing extensions or styling your natural hair. A bun donut ensures your hair wont fall flat after a few hours. You can also try using hairpins made especially for messy buns! Have you heard of a brand called Frenchies? They are flocked hair pins that work like magic for an all day, non slip bun or updo!  click here to check them out on amazon!

Beachy Waves

Wig, Extensions or Natural, beachy waves look great on everyone! Here’s your cheat guide to look like you just came from Bali while everyone else was the Mayor of struggle city.

Here’s How:

Lightly mist your hair with water or sea salt spray. Not enough to get it soaking wet, just enough to make it damp.  Patit with a towel to soak up any excess. Section into 4 and braid each section and secure the ends with an elastic. You can also sub this with 2 french braids, and leave the hair to dry over night. In the morning before you undo the braids, check them to be sure they are totally dry if not hit the braids with a blow dryer before unraveling them. Unravel the braids and gently run your fingers through to break up the pattern. flip the hair upside down and spray with a volume booster. We love Living Proof Body Builder for this! Now Slay!

The Classic Updo

You really cant go wrong with a classic updo. Everything about this style scream high class. Though its not as effortless as the messy bun, you can still use the exact same styling techniques with a different bun placement. If you’re wearing your natural hair and your texture is kinky, this style is super pretty with an added pompadour!

Here’s How:

Be sure to smooth your hair with a warm flat iron, using a heat protecting creme or serum just to keep the fly aways at bay. Instead of placing the bun on top, place the bun at the nape of your neck on either side and use Matte Bobby pins to secure it. Matte bobby pins work great when your bun is at the nape because they are much stronger than the traditional slick bobby pin variety. You can also use a bun donut here to create a cute pompadour in the front or leave it as is, and using a soft finishing spray to hold the hair in place!

We hope you loved this holiday Hack Blog! If so, Leave us a comment and let us know how you hack the holidays with your beauty looks! Until Next time Beauties!!

Anita Camden


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