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HOT GIRL SUMMER: Get the Celebrity Look!

Hot Girl Summer is in FULL swing!  Yassss! How you’re wearing your hair though could be the difference between having a HGS or a NHS (not hot summer) and ain’t nobody got time for that!! SO of course we are helping you take those beach tanning, BBQ licking, selfie taking, road tripping, girls night outing times to the next level with our picks (and pics) of our favorite celebrity styles that are killing this trend, and we’re giving you a guide on how to GET THE CELEBRITY LOOK! Click the “Get the Look” descriptions to shop that item in our store!

Get ready to Glam!


  Megan Thee Stallion

This self proclaimed “H-Town Hottie” is the one who started it ALL!  Saying she’s HOT would be like saying ice is cold… ITS OBVIOUS! With her gorgeous long hair, center part, shiny gloss, and fierce lash, this rapper is elevating EVERYONE’S confidence with her style! You have her to thank for the “HOT GIRL SUMMER” trend! We love this concept because its all about doing what you want with confidence, and being your most authentic self!

Get the look!

  1. Our Signature Brazilian Silky Straight bundles in 32″ (Megan’s hair is THICK, so we suggest up to 5 bundles…. A lil birdie told us Megan uses up to 8 bundles!! WOW! Get it girl!)
  2. Our Brazilian Silky Straight Closure in 18″
  3. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Houston of course!

Tip: Be sure to use a light serum to make that hair shine and to keep fly away strands at bay!



Um… Literally NO intro needed. She is the Queen! Inspiring us for over 2 decades… Beyonce’ is STILL the GOAT, not just with her style but with her amazing vocals! This is one of our favorite looks that DEFINITELY inspires a Hot Girl Summer vibe! We know its from last year, but we’re just NOT over it yet! This Deep Wave look still slays our entire existence!

Get the look!

  1. Our Gorgeous Brazilian Deep Wave in 32″ (Queen B has THICK hair, so we suggest up to 5 bundles!)
  2. Our Matching Brazilian Deep Wave Frontal
  3. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Houston (of course!)

Tip: Be sure to customize with sexy highlights and a slick high pony for the ultimate Queen Bey inspired look!


Aye yiii yiii!!! The truth must hurt for everyone else, cuz Lizzo is 100% THAT BIIITTCH!!!  This stunning hip hop star has stopped EVERYONE in their tracks with her ultimate in your face confidence! We think that she is the Epitome of a Hot Girl Summer Vibe! With her cutting edge music style and bodacious curls, we cant help but to stand back in awe!! I mean… she’s made playing the flute cool! Seriously… with my head gear braces and coke bottle glasses, my flute and I never thought that we’d see a time where someone playing the flute would slay the for the Gods! I’m sure that NASA is developing a special ship to go retrieve all of the wigs Lizzo has snatched!

Get the look!

  1. Our Stunning Brazilian Kinky Curly in 28″-32″ (Lizzo’s hair is THICK! We suggest up to 4 bundles!)
  2. Our Stunning Brazilian Kinky Curly Closure 
  3. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Vegas

Tip: Thick curls LOVE MOISTURE!! Keep your tresses from drying out my misting them with a light leave in conditioning spray for extra shine and control!


If you wanna get like Ciara, you better be down for some BIG HAIR action! Honestly, name 1 person that rocks Kinky Straight better than Ciara… we’ll wait. In the mean time, let’s just admire how gorgeous she is in reverent silence! Sigh…Ciara is forever switching it up on us, but this look is IT! Follow our guide to LEVEL UP your Hot Girl Summer Look like Ciara!

 Get the look! 

  1. Our Thick and Sexy Brazilian Kinky Straight in 26″ ( Ciara’s hair is THICK! We suggest up to 4 bundles!)
  2. Our Brazilian Kinky Straight Frontal
  3. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Toronto

Tip: Be sure to customize with sexy highlights!


Who could make a list of women that rep this new vibe and NOT have RiRi on that list? Forever an innovator, Rihanna has shown us year after year that she not only loves US, her fans (Thanks so much for the makeup line girl! I’m Fenty foundation 440 if you wanna slide a PR Box my way!  Ahem! Cough! Cough!), but that she unabashedly lives life HER WAY, and that’s certainly been out loud and proud! If you don’t get inspired to have a hot girl summer looking at Rihanna, you might as well go blind.

Get the look!

  1. Our Beautiful Brazilian Body  Wave Lace front Wig in 24″
  2. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Berlin

Tip: Add a pump or two of sea salt spray to your hair, then braid it while doing the rest of your makeup. When you’re done, un-braid and shake for a beachy look! 

Yung Miami

One half of the Super Popular City Girls Duo, Yung Miami is the ultimate Model for a Hot Girl Summer! We just love her ever revolving style! This Blonde look is EVERYTHING don’t you agree? Getting this vibe down is now just a click away… now you can look like you’re getting Flewd Out to Miami to twerk it with this Rap Goddess! Skirrrrr!

Get the look!

  1. Our NEW Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace Front Wig in 26″
  2. Our 3D Mink Lash in the style Miami!

Tip:  Be Sure to add Yung Miami’s highlighter yellow streaks for that extra sexy flair!


Do you love our list of the best Hot Girl Summer Looks? Leave us a comment, and Share!!

Until Next time! Enjoy your Hot Girl Summer! – Anika April Johnson






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    Great photos. summers almost over but lets keep looking hot

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