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How to Avoid Getting Scammed when Buying Hair!

Hello Beautiful people!

We’re back with another blog to help you save the coins AND save the headache and heartache of losing them to one of the most lucrative frauds going… The Hair Scam. Many of you buy hair from a beauty supply or wig store and think that because you can see it and feel it, there’s no way you’re getting scammed. The hair in front of you is soft and the sales person guarantees its cut from the head of an angel… so you buy. Only to wear it and have it get matted at the back of your neck and shed like a snake a week later… leaving you with not only an empty wallet, but an empty wig as well (with of course no refunds.) Womp Womp…

Or you shop online from that ad on facebook or Instagram…. Or even from your hairstylist who is a re-seller of a popular brand that has thousands of followers… so they must be legit, right? Nope… soon after you start wearing it, you’ve got a tangled, matted, shedding mess.

Damn…. They got you again!  But how?

It’s because you haven’t been trained on how to recognize the scam BEFORE you buy! But fear NOT! Whether its online or in person, we’ve got you sis!

We are going to teach you some ways to spot if you’re buying hair from a fraud either online or in person!

If this interests you then READ ON!


Let’s start with online.


It’s crazy to even imagine this, but there are whole websites that are dedicated to selling you counterfeit wigs and bundles. Lots of online companies use words that you are used to seeing, such as “virgin hair”, “mink hair”, or “yaki hair” but they never describe what that is. Did you know that “mink wigs” or “mink bundles or extensions” aren’t even a real thing!? A mink is an animal WITH SHORT HAIR… which is how we get mink lashes. There is no mink alive that can grow hair the length long enough to make a wig or bundle! It’s a marketing scam!

Here are some other red flags to watch out for when browsing online for hair. If you see these, you’ve probably encountered a hair scam or fake website! Steer clear!


  1. The company ALWAYS have Crazy Sales and Discounts.

“Buy one get one FREE”

“100% Human Hair Virgin Wig only $19.99!”

“Shop now and get 60% off!”

“Use the Code Blah Blah Blah… For 70% off!”

Sis… issa scam. Sites like these HAVE to run constant discounts because their hair would never sell otherwise. They use “too good to be true” pricing to lure you in, and by the time you figure out the hair is trash, they’ve disappeared or give you the run around. There is NO WAY you can sell top quality hair for that cheap. You’d never stay in business because great quality hair is expensive for the company to buy, even at wholesale. If you can retail (resell to a customer) a top quality bundle or wig that cost you $60 at wholesale for $19.99 you’d never make money! A company would have to buy that wig from a manufacture for about $2 to be able to sell it to you that cheap, even if they own their own factory. The labor of making a high quality wig or bundle is a lot, which is why most hair and bundles only last you a little while… let alone hair at super discounted prices!


  1. They use pictures of celebrities or influencers that have NEVER mentioned their brand!

We ALL love celebrities and beauty influencers right? They stay up on the latest trends and keep us in the loop on what’s poppin! However, celebrities and influencers charge BIG BUCKS to endorse a brand! There are contracts, and agents, lawyers and managers involved behind the scenes and there’s no way (believe us NO WAY) a celeb or influencer is going to let you use their image to endorse your brand and they are radio silent about that brand on their social media! All of a sudden, Kylie Jenner is rocking a $50 wig from huh? Riiiight….


  1. They ONLY communicate through WhatsApp or similar chat aps

This is a HUGE ONE. Many hair scammers are from overseas and want to get around secure websites like PayPal and Google. They use unregulated chat aps like WhatsApp that let anyone sign up and do business. WhatsApp is ok, but if that’s their ONLY MEANS of communication, then it’s probably no bueno. They should have a company website with a secure URL, company logo and a company email… no or It should have their company name, and have a secure means of communicating with you.



  1. They don’t stand behind their product.

Any legit hair merchant worth their strands is not going to be afraid of offering a money back guarantee. Of course there are health regulations that prevent hair from being re sold after it’s been worn, and by law no one can do that. However, if the customer doesn’t like the product they receive and they haven’t worn it,  if it’s that good, a company would have no problem taking it back right? Think about it!

  1. The Wig that you Ordered is TOTALLY different than what shows up

You see a gorgeous wig on IG or Facebook… the picture is blurry, but hey you want it. You NEED it! The price is right, so you go for it. YAY! Wig shows up, and it looks like the end of your grannies mop. You try to contact the company… and they’ve folded up like a suitcase or give you the run around. Sound Familiar?


  1. Their website is Unsecured or has a different URL than the website itself

If you’re unsure of how to tell if a website is secure or not, look up at the entrance tab where you see the website address. Does it say https:// before the website name and show a miniature lock? If it only shows http:// with no lock that means it is unsecured… Do NOT, I REPEAT… DO NOT SHOP THERE! These websites make it easy to steal your info, and though you may receive a product, you have opened your identity and wallet to an entire black market of identity theft opportunities. We here at XtensionSpa have quadruple lock security! That means you can safely shop under our URL, we are McAfee secure, reCaptcha secure and use the very secure and trusted PayPal as our processing merchant to handle your credit cards. Most websites have one, sometimes 2 security measures… but not 4. We are SERIOUS about making sure our customers not only have the best products, but are secure when buying them. It costs us more to run security measures this strong, but you’re worth it!

*Psst! Wanna see a fake website looks like for real? is a suspected scam site in the hair industry among professionals. We aren’t putting the link here, as we would NEVER intentionally  link you to somewhere unsecure, but feel free to take a look for yourself! It has SEVERAL of the red flags I’ve mentioned including never ending celeb photos, no logo, crazy discounts, and an unsecure URL. They even have a fake Norton secure sticker! How can you tell? Try to click it… nothing happens. Now click ours! McAfee tells you that we’ve EARNED our security sticker from a verified third party security system called TrustedSite… and think about it, how could you have a security certification WITHOUT having a secure URL? YOU CAN’T! Its totally fake, but looks legit if you don’t know what to watch out for!

You can safely look, but we strongly encourage you to steer clear of giving any information to sites like these!



SOOO How do you sniff out an IN PERSON Hair and Wig Scam?


A lot of you assume that when you go hair shopping in person that you’re safe from the evils of online hair scams… and you’d be right! But what about the in person scam? You may read about how to tell fake websites with other brands, but as you know we’re all about XTENDING, so we’re taking it the next level! Very few companies are going to expose how to tell you’re buying junk hair in person! This really pertains to buying human hair in store. A bad synthetic wig is easy to spot.


  1. You’re shopping for human hair at a beauty supply

Most beauty supplies that sell wigs have no idea what they’re selling when it comes to human hair. They just buy it from a catalog and don’t care. The labels on the wigs or extensions are doing the real selling. Do yourself a favor and start asking questions. Ask the merchant what EXACTLY does “virgin hair” mean and what does “remy hair” mean? A lot of them will say something like “oh that means its great quality”. No… it means that it hasn’t been processed with chemicals (virgin) and that the cuticles face the same direction (remy). If they don’t know that, then they’re not a legit place to buy human hair.


  1. The hair comes in a multi pack

Wow! The package you’re buying has 6 bundles AND a Swiss lace closure with a bang for $80? Um… naw. It’s garbage babe. Keep it moving.



  1. The Lace on the wig feels thick like plastic

If you’re looking at a human hair wig in a store and the lace feels thick or  hard and scratchy, it’s what we call a filament lace… aka PLASTIC. This type of lace is suitable for synthetic wigs because synthetic hair is harder to tie by hand onto real lace, but filament lace is NEVER ok for human hair wigs. If they are selling you a human hair wig that feels like this, do not trust it.




  1. They claim the wig is a “BLEND”.

Have you ever felt what you thought was a human hair wig, but then again it also felt like a synthetic wig? It seems too expensive for a synthetic, but less than a human hair of high quality would be. So you ask the merchant and they claim it’s a “blend”, aka synthetic mixed with human? Ahem… they’re right. It’s a blend of bull and sh*t. PUT IT BACK. A good wig is one or the other, not both. There’s no reason why a manufacture would blend both unless they wanted to cheat you, as the care for a human hair wig is TOTALLY different than a synthetic one. Issa scam!


  1. The merchant seems unsure

If the person selling you the hair isn’t an expert, don’t even bother. They get virgin and remy confused. They don’t know if it’s raw, cuticle aligned, where it’s from, or really anything about it other than the price. Maybe they get irritated,  rush to help another customer, take a call that came out of nowhere or won’t look you in the eye when you start asking too many questions.  Shop elsewhere! Great hair is an investment. Would you buy a car from a dealer who couldn’t answer EVERY SINGLE question you have about that car? Of course not! Hair is no different. You work hard for your coins am I right? Spend them where you’re taken care of! I Hope these tips were helpful! Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Until Next time Beauties!!

Vox Meyers






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