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How To Bring a Dead Wig Back to Life!

Its October, and in recognition of Halloween, we’re teaching you how to bring the dead back to life!! Yass honey we’re once again spilling the tea on saving coins! You’ll not only have fun with these two AMAZING techniques, but you will also learn to bring your dead zombie wigs back to life… (we’ve all got 1 or ahem… 7 Do NOT JUDGE ME!)

Watch and follow along with these videos, and get to know one of our long time partners through her phenomenal wig work! Get out your pens and take notes because weave got you covered with some bomb wig rehab technique videos featuring 3x Emmy Nominee and Celebrity hairstylist Jen Singleton!

You’re probably unfamiliar with her name (she likes to keep a low profile) but you’ve certainly seen her work! From television, theater, the red carpet, to the silver screen, shes brought you some of the most iconic hair moments in entertainment! Remember when Channing Tatum turned into Beyonce’ on Lip Sync Battle, or when Tom Holland became Rihanna? Yea… she DID that! If you’ve ever watched shows like Insecure, Blackish, WestWorld, Grey’s Anatomy, Star Trek, Glee, or Good Trouble, then you’ve witnessed the work of this wonderful artist!  From films like X-Men First Class, to Oprah’s Broadway production of The Color Purple… Jen Singleton has been there… behind the scenes,  letting wigs HAVE IT! She styles tons of celebrities, tv personalities, and her very lucky private clients… so we don’t know how in the world she has time for making videos like this, but we’re soo glad she did, and you will be too! She is the ultimate wig fabricator, and she’s cracked the code on keeping both synthetic, AND human hair wigs gorgeous after years of wear and tear, all for just for pennies on the dollar! Lets Get Started!

Its time to resurrect the dead this October! Its time for Wig Rehab!!

Wig Rehab Vol 1- Synthetic Wigs 

What you’ll need

Wigs stand and head

Push pins to hold the wig in place

Washing Bin

Baking soda


Paddle Brush

Steamer <— (click the link to get your steamer from amazon!)

Gloves (optional)

Your favorite sized perm rod or roller (optional- she uses curl formers in the video, but you can use any type of curler, rod, or roller)






You thought she just had your back at synthetic? Now you should know better than that!!! After you’ve mastered this simple technique for synthetic wigs, get into the human hair rehab and fix up your old girls!


Wig Rehab Vol 2- Human Hair Edition

What you’ll Need

Wig stand and head

Push pins to hold the wig in place

Water bottle with your favorite conditioner

Paddle Brush

Washing bin

Your favorite Shampoo

Silicon Mix <—— (click the link to get your Silicon Mix from Amazon!)

Long tail comb

Flat Iron (optional)

We hope you enjoyed these two techniques, and can use them to Xtend the lives of your wigs! Remember, hair and wigs are  investments! Take good care of them, and they’ll bring you many years of slayage!

Be sure to thumbs up these videos, and give our girl Jen Singleton a subscribe and don’t forget to hit the notification bell, because she STAYS dropping knowledge on hair and wig techniques that are simple yet effective!

Until Next time beauties!

Vox Meyers


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