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How to make your wig look NATURAL!!

Hello Goddesses! Whether wigs are your preferred protective style, or if you just like to wear them for fun, XensionSpa has you covered with some quick tips on how to make your wig look natural so you can… you know it!! KEEP THEM GUESSING!!



Make sure your wig is clean and tangle free! Nothing clocks a wig faster than being dull and full of tangles! Make sure you’re caring for the hair you wear by deep conditioning it, brushing it smooth, and even pre- setting it! What is pre-setting? It’s styling the night before you plan to wear it, so the style has settled in some and will last. Hot rollers are great for this, or you can just curl it and pin the curls up overnight so they cool while pinned. A lot of pro hair stylists use this “setting” method to achieve curls that last and last!!

Tip 2

Make sure your wig is aligned with your natural hairline. Wearing a wig too far forward is a hot mess sis. Don’t be that girl!! Make sure your wig is lined up! Use your natural hairline as a guide for exactly where your wig should lay. For all my beauties who don’t have a natural hairline… (ie. You have alopecia or have other types of hair loss) use your brow bone as the guide! Place your index finger at the end of your brow bone where you’re pointing toward your scalp! That’s a great indication for where a natural hairline would be!!

Tip 3

Customize your frontals and closures!

A great way to get a wig to look au natural is by doing a bit of customization! That extra time you spent will make all the difference, when someone compliments YOUR HAIR, and NOT YOUR WIG! Plucking the extra hairs around the perimeter of a frontal, bleaching the knots, and perhaps adding an elastic band to help lay that lace down extra flat all give a super realistic effect to a wig that would otherwise look basic!

Tip 4

Stack your part!

If you’re wearing a part in your wig, part your hair underneath, and stack the part in the wig right on top of your natural part! This makes the wig lay super flat without the bulk of any cornrows getting in the way. It also helps to show the natural color of your scalp through the lace, which is a great way to make it appear natural, especially if you’re not using a wig cap!!


Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next one!!

Vox Meyers

October 5th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

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