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How to pack multiple wigs for easy travel!

So you finally got some time off, and you’re headed to that much needed (and deserved) vacation spot!!! Yassss!! You’ve got your bikinis, big diva shades, bloody shoes, and oversized leather bag… but which wig are you taking sis? XtensionSpa has got you covered on how to pack multiple switch ups for your vacay, even if that suitcase is filled to the brim!!

For long wigs (10 inches+) start by placing them on a styro or canvas head. Braid the hair going straight back and secure the finished braid with an elastic.  Flip the braid up, and use a bobby pin to secure the braid to the crown (or top) of the wig, then turn your wig INSIDE OUT. Stack your wigs inside of each other like bowls. For short wigs you won’t need to braid them, just flip and stack. For curly wigs, two corn rows is best, and follow the same stacking technique. Make sure your wigs are clean and DRY for the best results.

Stack up to 5 within each other, and put them in a large zip lock bag, then squeeze out all of the air as you zip it closed. The wigs should be flattened within the bag. If you’re taking more than 5 wigs with you, (yass queen!!) just repeat this process and viola!! You’ve got multiple wigs ready to go that can easily fit in the most overstuffed suitcase!

*Pro Traveler Tip! Throw a dryer sheet in the zip lock bag to keep your wigs smelling fresh, and to keep the hair static free!!


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Have fun!!!


Annette Jackson

October 5th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

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