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How to Slay A Quick Weave with No Natural Hair Damage!

Hello again lovelies! This one is ALL about the quick weave craze that’s been popping up lately! We’re going to give you the REAL TEA on this styling method so that you can do it without damaging your natural hair!!

Ok, so what exactly is a Quick Weave? This may surprise you, but it’s a styling method that’s actually been going on for over 25 years! It came in BIG in the 90’s, died down, and now it’s back, no doubt because of a huge boost with social media! It’s a lightning fast way to do a full install using glue across the entire head. Its technically NOT A WEAVE, because there is no sewing involved, which means you can have it done in an hour (sometimes less), versus having to spend hours at the salon getting a sew in.

But is it safe? Can it be used as a PROTECTIVE Style? YES, when done with care, they TOTALLY CAN!  Quick weaves remind me of relaxers. If done properly, a relaxer can be quite beautiful and deliver no damage to the hair. However, if done wrong, or by someone with little experience it can turn into a hair nightmare that can have long lasting and sometimes permanent affects. Sooo then why on earth would anyone do this?

Convenience and cost are the two biggest reasons! A quick weave costs pennies on the dollar when compared to a traditional sew in! It also fully comes off in one shampoo session! No more fighting old thread with scissors, hoping you don’t cut your real hair!

It’s also cheaper AND faster! You won’t be sitting for hours at the salon with this method, so the labor cost is much less! You or your stylist will be using glue, so you should be using cheaper hair (it’s my opinion that it’s best not to use expensive hair for quick weaves, as you get glue on the tracks). Our XtensionSpa Malaysian hair is GREAT for this if you’re looking to use a more affordable hair, while still enjoying top quality bundles that give you the look and feel of luxury!

It is very important that you know how to take the proper steps so that you can use this method to SLAY, not BE SLAYED. So let’s jump right in to the Quick Weave rules!

There are several methods of quick weave, but these two are what that I’ve found to be the best.

  1. The Liquid Cap Method
  2. The Stocking Cap Method

Both can be safely done with ZERO hair damage, and YES you can do them yourself! I recommend the Liquid Cap Method for those of you with short hair. By short I mean no longer than a jaw length bob, on down to a pixie cut.

The Stocking Cap Method is great for longer hair.  Start by braiding down your natural hair, then add  your liquid barrier to protect, and a stocking cap to contain it.

We’ve added two quick videos on each method so that you can learn them step by step!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for Quick Weaves before we get to the video tutorials that will help you achieve a gorgeous style, all while being fully protected!

Do: Follow all the steps and take notes!

Do: Use Professional products! Salon Pro 30 Sec is a great brand that carries an ENTIRE LINE of products specifically for quick weaves! They of course aren’t the only brand, however their products are formulated to work together, so that you can get the most out of your quick weave without damaging your natural hair!

Don’t: Use glue directly on your scalp

Don’t: Don’t leave a quick weave on longer than 2-3 weeks

Don’t: Use a quick weave method if you sweat a lot or swim. This method comes off in water!

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Until next time Beautiful!

Vox Meyers


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Liquid Cap Method





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