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Is your Hairstylist REALLY a Scam Artist?

I’ve been hearing so many horror stories lately about the unprofessionalism and outright swindle practices of hair stylists recently.

Ladies are getting really fed up with hairstylists requiring a hefty deposit with little results. I’m talking about stylists that charge upwards of $400 but require you to come with most of the work done!

Do you believe you’re a victim of a scam stylist? If so, this article is perfect for you. Here are 5 red flags to look out for that will help you spot a possible scammer right away! Read on to save your money, AND your edges!!



Red Flag #1

The Instagram Stylist

If you found a hair stylist on Instagram because they are famous for their flawless frontal installs be very careful!

Many “hairstylists” on Instagram show off their “flawless” installs and gain thousands of followers as a result. This traffic allows them to book appointments and open their own hair styling business. Some of their followers may be purchased to further inflate their scam.

However, a lot of these Insta-Scammers are not licensed to practice hair! Many of them have never attended cosmetology school and do not have a State Board license. When a stylist does not possess a cosmetology license, they do not know sanitation laws and regulation. How does this affect you?

This means that you’re running a VERY high risk of being severely injured and/ or having your hair/ skin damaged by this person because they are not properly trained. Be sure you’re going to a fully licensed professional! An easy way to do this is to ASK for their license number so you can look them up on your states Cosmetology regulations website. I can’t stress enough how important this is!! If everyone were qualified to do hair, a state license wouldn’t exist! Do the research on anyone you find online… it could mean the difference between looking flawless, and ending up flawed!!


Red Flag #2

They Only Accept Cash

We live in digital age where money can be sent and received using only our smartphones.

Not only does this make paying for services much more convenient, but it also adds an extra layer of privacy and security, not to mention the added benefit of having a traceable transaction.

Any professional hairstylist should want every transaction to be recorded electronically. Not only for personal records and tax purposes, but e-paying can alleviate any misunderstandings and disagreements regarding money.

If your new hair stylist doesn’t accept, credit/ debit cards or any other electric form of payment then this is a huge red flag. There could be a million reasons why they only accept cash, and one could easily be that they aren’t licensed and this helps them avoid paying taxes, and also hides their illegal transactions from the state board authorities. Another reason is it makes it easier to say that you didn’t pay the full balance for your service. They can easily say that you were short by $10 and trick you into paying more.

You can easily avoid getting scammed like this by only working with a hairstylist that accepts electronic forms of payment.



Red Flag #3

The Stylist That Requires You to Have Most of the Work Done Before You Show Up

Recently, I’ve been shocked hearing the stories of women who have been ranting online about an outbreak of “hairstylists” that require you to come to your appointment with your hair already washed, conditioned, blown out and braided down.

These hairstylists will STILL charge anywhere from $300 to $500 for a basic sew-in, even though you had to do most of the work! This is NOT a normal service in the professional hair industry! Any professional sew-in service should include a shampoo & condition (if you’re lucky, a scalp massage and a good scratch… ahhh) a braided down foundation, the sew-in, and the STYLE!

If your new hairstylist is requiring you to do all the hard work, this is a huge red flag, and a sign of serious scammer activity… look elsewhere!



Red Flag #4

 They Don’t Use Professional Hair Products

This is a no-brainer. Professional hairstylists use professional hair products right? I mean, you wouldn’t let your mechanic fill your engine with olive oil would you? Of course not!!

Well, there are a lot of scammer stylists that use drugstore hair products on their clients, but not for the reason you may think!! Yes, it’s cheaper for them to buy… but licensed professionals have exclusive beauty supply stores like Cosmoprof and Salon Centric, where a valid license is required to shop, and they only sell high quality professional grade products at whole sale prices! So if a stylist is telling you they use drugstore brands because of the price, beware!

Any real hairstylist should be using professional products. Not only because you are paying for a professional service, but because drugstore products don’t work as well as professional grade hair products. For example, there are a lot of hair stylists that use gel to install frontals instead of a real lace adhesive. Using Got2b Glued is fine if it is at the client’s discretion, but it should be standard to use a professional grade lace adhesive during a frontal install. Your hair stylist should not be washing your hair with Main and Tail shampoo and Pantene conditioner. Any hairstylist that doesn’t use professional hair products is a huge red flag because this can mean that they are not licensed and cannot purchase professional grade hair products.


Red Flag #5

 You Can Never Book Maintenance Appointments with Them

Maintenance appointments should be every 2 to 3 weeks for an install with a frontal.

A lot of scam stylists book so many clients that you cannot book a maintenance appointment. This is for two reasons. 1. They have NO IDEA how to actually maintain a frontal install, as they probably got their styling knowledge from watching “how to” videos online. 2. They want to make FAST money, and maintaining a frontal takes time.

Any professional stylist should know how to meet the needs of their clientele.

If a stylist is never available to do your maintenance, then you should definitely take note that this person may not be a pro.

A frontal maintenance appointment should include removing all adhesive from your hairline a shampoo/condition and full blow dry on your hair extensions. Your stylist should reapply the adhesive so that your frontal is laid flat and they should give you a fresh style. You should ALWAYS expect for your hair to be washed and styled during a maintenance appointment, but if the stylist is demanding you do it yourself, it may be time to seek out a professional that gives the full service your hard earned coins are paying for!

Until next time beauties!  Please share this blog with your friends! – Shonda Morris

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