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Learn to Bleach Your Knots Like a PRO!

Hello again Beautiful!!!

Wearing a lace wig, frontal or closure? Here’s how to perfectly bleach those knots to get the most realistic look!   Let Us show YOU how to keep them guessing!!!


Let’s talk about bleaching knots!! This can be a scary process for those of you who are new to wearing lace accessories, or are just uncomfortable with doing chemical work. Not to fear!! XtensionSpa has you covered!! We’re here to guide you through this process to make it super easy!!

Knot bleaching is the first step to customizing your lace accessory, and to creating that “un-clockable” look to the hair that convinces anyone looking that they are seeing it grow right out of your scalp!!

Let’s get started!!

What you’ll need

1 pair professional color gloves

A few sheets of aluminum foil or saran wrap

1 bottle 30 volume crème developer

1 jar of professional bleach powder (blue or purple works best)

1 tint brush

1 plastic butter knife

1 tint bowl

purple shampoo (optional)


As always, with any chemical service, you want to start with wearing GLOVES!! You can find gloves at your local beauty supply. To make things easier on yourself, lay out everything you’ll need  BEFORE YOU START so you can work fast and not forget a step!

We recommend using 30 volume creme developer and either a blue or purple bleach to minimize brassiness (we love L’Oréal’s Quick blue bleach powder! It’s inexpensive, and works great! Find it here <—- CLICK THE LINK!

Put on your gloves, and start by mixing in a tint safe bowl one full scoop of bleach powder with approx. 2 tablespoons of 30 volume crème developer. If you’re bleaching a frontal, double this formula. For a 360 frontal or full lace wig, you may need 4-8 scoops, depending upon the measurements of your lace. If you do a 360 or full lace wig, be sure to do the bleaching in sections so that you get an even result. (Don’t forget to increase the amount of developer by 2tbsp for each scoop of bleach powder).  We also suggest mixing as you go if you’re doing a large wig or working in sections. This will save you product and MONEY by eliminating waste.

Mix the developer and  bleach powder together with your tint brush. This mix should be thick, like the texture of cake frosting but easily spreadable. Do NOT use a watery mix!!! If it seems too thin, add more powder until you get a thick but smooth and soft texture like this.  Place your saran wrap over your working surface and put your frontal or closure upside down where the lace is exposed. (You will need to turn a wig or 360 frontal inside out) Make sure there are no stray hairs coming up through the lace, or any hair spread out where it will touch the bleach.

Working slowly and carefully, spread the bleach mixture on the lace with your plastic butter knife.  If you prefer to use your tint brush for this that’s ok too. Be VERY gentle, and do NOT push the bleach in (if you press too hard, the bleach will go through the lace and bleach the hair… so take your time!) 

Once you’re done spreading the bleach, you can turn your frontal or closure over, lace side down (if you’re bleaching a 360 or wig to not turn). Turning makes it easy to see the changes happening on the knots. Gently cover the closure with saran wrap or foil (we like saran wrap because it’s see through.) Then set your timer to 20 mins. It usually takes that long to process, but you can check it by looking through the “window” of the saran wrap, or by lifting the foil. The knots should look translucent or like a very light yellow. When you can’t see the black dots of your knots any more, you’re good! If not, give it another 5-10 mins and keep watch so that the hair doesn’t over process!!

Take your closure, and rinse it LACE SIDE DOWN in cool water. Don’t rise with the lace side up because you don’t want the bleach to go through the lace into the hair. Rinse all of the bleach out, then gently shampoo and condition. If you’ve taken all your time, and the knots look brassy (orange-gold) then we suggest either a toner or purple shampoo to remove it.  Place the closure on the back of your hand. Looks like its growing right out right? Yasss!!

*All knots may not bleach. Some hair is just super resistant and that’s totally normal!!! You can remove any super resistant hair with tweezers! No need to bleach again if most of it looks great!

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Angie McMillian

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