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Our Staff Picks for Beauty Resolutions 2020!

The New Year is finally HERE and we cant even BELIEVE IT!!! Its all moving sooo fast already, where does the time even go? It seems that the years go by faster and faster am I right? Time is so precious, and what you do with yours can make all the difference in how you look and feel! Here at XtensionSpa, we love to show you the best ways to live your best life, so were going to share our staff picks for attainable beauty resolutions that will help you up your game in the new year and beyond! We have a very  diverse staff here, and we put everyone’s resolutions to a vote… these are the winners! It’s not ALL about physical beauty, and that’s why we love it! Tell us in the comments what your beauty resolution is! Do they match our staff picks? Let us know!




  1. Hydration

Ok soooo…. Hi! My name is Jacqueline. I never get to speak to the customers!  I work in accounting! My Beauty resolution is Hydration. I drink waaaay to much coffee. Even my kids know my Starbucks drink by heart. Upside down Caramel Macchiatto  with an extra shot.  I want to start replacing at least 3 of those a week with a water bottle. I think just all around its going to help me be healthier, so that counts as beauty right? Getting more water? I’ve come to notice that when I drink more water, I feel better and actually get better sleep. The coffee (sometimes multiple coffees) during the day dehydrate me and I know it. Its really all about just being mindful as I get older.  Being better hydrated also helps with everything else. Skin, hair, and the way your brain functions, so that would certainly help with my job too! Hydration for the win! – Jackie Simon

2. Moderation

Hi everyone! I’m Anais! I work for XtensionSpa in the customer service dept! My resolution for this year is MODERATION! I thought about it a lot at the finish of last year, and I thought I was going to give up wine for a whole year! I think that moderation is best for this though. I come from France with a large in-law family that is also half Spanish!  There is NO getting away from the wine! Every weekend it seems to be a wedding or party or just to stop and see my parents with big dinners and similar things.  I think moderation is important with anything really, and I wasn’t paying attention to how much weight I have gained with this! Health is the most concern over weight of course, but I can greatly reduce the wine to have it once in a while instead of most of the time and it will help this concern without becoming the party pooper person! My husband has decided to join in with me for this, which makes it much easier to do anything challenging! Always go for the buddy system! – Anais Meyora

3. Skincare

Hi! My name is Roberto Lima. I work for XtensionSpa in accounting! My skin has given me issues for as long as I can remember. Acne in high school was a big thing and I still get it when I get stressed. I’m a guy so its new for me to think of skincare for myself, but when I break out… It doesn’t make me feel handsome I guess? Does that count as beautiful? HAAA! I have to go to a dermatologist. Its better to get a pro on these types of things because I would have no idea what I’m doing and there’s no way I’m going to trust any infomercial products made for teens! I guess over all, I’ve never  really openly discussed how much it bothers me. No guys I know sit around discussing their skincare regimens… but maybe we should! We wanna look good for the ladies too! I think that it first starts with admitting you need help for a vanity issue. I think a lot of guys have a hard time with that, even though we all have a flaw. Its time to change that narrative! Clear skin for the win in 2020! – Roberto Lima

4. Learning a Language

Hello My Beauties! This is your girl Voxera.. aka Vox Meyers! I’m the head beauty writer and Hostess for XensionSpa and I write a lot of the blogs! This year my beauty resolution is learning a new language! I’ve already started with Duolingo (a phone app) and it’s working pretty well so far! I’m starting with Spanish because my paternal grandmother is from Panama! I want to connect with my family heritage in a more meaningful way. I was raised in in the Mid-West so English was all there was. I LOVE to travel, and I certainly feel more beautiful when I do! Learning a language isn’t something we normally associate with “beauty”, but it should be! I’m over being embarrassed when I go overseas that I only have one language in my pocket! I’m challenging myself to expand my mind! That’s something beautiful no matter how you slice it! -Vox Meyers

5. Self Care Sunday


Hi All! My name is Amber Kelly. I work in research and development. I help find and test new products! My career keeps me VERY busy and I travel quite a bit. I ‘m also a wife, a mom, and a dog mom. Can anyone out there relate? Between everything else I do, a lot of times there are very few hours to look after me and I want that to change. I’m going to start making Sunday my Self  Care Day! Something as simple as getting regular manicures can be no nice… and certainly gives me a boost in the feeling beautiful dept! I think as moms and wives we give A LOT, and expect little in return. Even my husband gets after me for rocking the messy top knot 10 times out of 10. A nice blow out, mani pedi, or even something as simple as a sheet mask every Sunday is my goal. Maybe it sounds small, but for me, making time for the little things is HUGE. – Amber Kelly

6. No more Dieting! See a Nutritionist Instead

Hi My name is Ashyani Singh. I work in web development for XtensionSpa! Most years in the past I’ve made a resolution to lose weight and hit the gym. I always fall off the wagon and it doesn’t last long! I feel guilty of course, and it just makes me feel… well lets just say its not a self esteem booster. Iv’e struggled in the weight dept for such a long time, that I think it’s just become who I am to always say I’m on a diet. It’s compounded even more since I gave birth to my daughter in October! I don’t want to be the diet person anymore! Especially now that I have a little girl. I want her to grow up feeling beautiful, so I have to start first. I’m now seeing a nutritionist instead of doing the fad diet thing. I’ve already lost 3lbs after just 1 week and It certainly makes me feel beautiful! Not just the weight loss, but because I’m doing it in a HEALTHY way with accountability for what I eat! Pointing the finger at myself , as odd as it sounds, is my beauty resolution. Taking more responsibility makes me feel strong and capable. The nutritionist draws the map, but I still have to follow the trail. I like that! Wish me luck! – Ashyani Singh

7. Spiritual Detox

Hey Everyone! My name is Darnell Capp. I work in customer service! When I heard my resolution was picked for the blog I was shocked! Feeling beautiful isn’t something I’ve EVER thought about. I wasn’t even sure that my resolution counted as a beauty thing, but I guess it does! I’ve chosen Spiritual Detox as something to really do this year. Its not the “I’m cutting off 100 people.” thing, but rather I’m no longer going to be available for things that make me feel like crap. That includes people, places, and things. 2020 is the year I’ve decided to not go back and forth with anyone about anything. I guess that puts me on a spiritual diet? Clapbacks are so 2019. Thoughtful responses are my future. That includes a silent response if people are trying to drag me into negativity. I’m not here for it. If its negative, you can certainly miss me with it in 2020. I don’t want anything disturbing my peace. I’m trying to feel beautiful over here. – Darnell Capp

8. Less Social Media

Hi my name is Tanya and I am in the research department. I help with finding new and improved products for XtensionSpa! My new years resolution is less social media. I chose that  because I’ve realized that I’m a LOT less social in real life because I’m spending waaay to much time on my phone. I’m missing the beauty of the world right in front of me! I realized this at dinner with my family 2 weeks ago. My husband, kids and I were all at the table on our phones and it made me feel so awful when I realized it! Being with my family makes me feel about as beautiful as a supermodel! Going on little day trips like we used to, and enjoying life together is a HUGE deal for me. Social Media has kinda gotten in the way of really enjoying a full life for me, so now I’ve put a timer on it. Having two teenage girls, it was pretty close to impossible to rid them of their social media, but we’ve decided to make this a family resolution. There’s beauty in not having phones at the dinner table. There is beauty in setting limits and boundaries. So less is best. I still need to use social media for work, and personal use but after the timer goes off ( 1 hour) that’s all folks! People can either call or text me. -Tanya Nash



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