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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair… What are they, & Which is BETTER?

Hey there beautiful! This quick blog is ALL about decoding the mystery when it comes to Raw hair vs Virgin hair. What’s the difference? Is Raw hair worth the price? WHICH IS BETTER? Well… we’re here to answer all these questions for you so that you can Xtend your knowledge, and get familiarized with our hottest product that will be launching VERY soon! So, which is better and which should you buy? Lets dive in shall we?

What is Virgin Hair?

You’ll see the word “Virgin” on many different brands. Even the cheap ratty ones at the beauty supply. It seems as though everyone and their granny has a line of Virgin hair extensions, but what does that word ACTUALLY mean? Virgin is an industry word used to describe hair that hasn’t been chemically treated. However, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been altered. Authentic Premium Virgin hair extensions are 100% HUMAN hair strands with no mix-ins. The hair is steam treated to achieve your favorite textures and patterns that are long lasting and consistent, such as Body wave, Deep Wave, Kinky Straight etc.

Some companies use perm solution and other harsh chemicals with super heating machines to achieve their patterns which damages the cuticle, then a plastic like coating is used to seal the hair, in order to re-smooth the damaged strands and add shine to fake out buyers. Some companies even add synthetic filler hair to thicken the bundles and cheat you out of your hard earned money. They do this because its faster and cheaper than the steam method, and because real hair is more expensive to have processed properly.. It’s REALLY hard to tell the difference by just looking at it, and even experts have been fooled by the word “virgin” on the packaging because the hair inside is smooth and shiny. I mean, no one is going to sell a bundle of hair that says its crappy right?

Where you notice the difference is in the price, not to mention the ugly tangling and shedding you start to experience very quickly after wearing it. Real Virgin hair lasts for quite a long time without the struggle of excessive tangles and shed. It can hold a curl, doesn’t melt when styling it, and really shouldn’t give you problems. Of course, you must treat it well… its still human hair after all, but authentic Virgin hair is a beautiful investment that will give you great hair days for many years to come. The Virgin hair here at XtensionSpa is not only authentic and PREMIUM, but we take it to a new level with our bamboo based steam method. The bamboo helps to shield the hair from the heat of the steam process, which further protects the cuticle. Bamboo also naturally eliminates knits and other nasties that may be hiding in the hair fibers from the transport process to the factory. We also have a great relationship with our donor community, and follow the hair each step of the way in order to ensure you get a beautiful, texture consistent bundle each and every time!

What is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is ABOVE the industry standard quality of Virgin. All Raw hair is Virgin, but not all Virgin hair is Raw! Remember, “virgin” hair just means it isn’t treated with chemicals to alter it in any way. Raw hair takes it a step further by not being treated at all… with the exception of being meticulously cleansed after donation. The cuticles are fully in tact and strands are hand selected by experts for each weft. Raw hair is typically from temple donations in India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Mongolia. In rare cases, Raw hair can come from European countries like Slovenia and Russia. Raw European hair is the most expensive because the market for hair donations is much smaller in those regions, unlike India where hair is often donated for religions purposes. Raw hair comes in a variety of textures, however not as many as Virgin, and each texture pattern may differ slightly from bundle to bundle, even within the same texture spectrum.

This is because the wave/curl patterns in Raw hair are 100% natural and haven’t been enhanced with steam to produce bundles that are identical.  Raw hair is much more expensive to produce because there are far less donors with hair of this quality, especially the longer each bundle gets. This is because many times, Raw hair comes from a single doner… but not always. Think of it like this… if hair were clothes, Virgin hair would be a designer outfit, but Raw hair would be Couture! No doubt because of its amazing quality, and unaltered state, Raw hair is the choice of many celebrities and socialites! They love Raw hair even though it can be quite a bit more expensive than Virgin. The expense becomes an investment though when you take into consideration the lifespan of Raw hair vs Virgin hair. Authentic Virgin air with proper care will last up to 2 years, perhaps more. Raw hair lasts for SEVERAL years with proper care; and we all know that our favorite celebs prefer to have things that are hard for the rest of us mere mortals to get! Raw hair was the celebrity secret until now!

What about Remy hair? What’s That?

Remy refers to the quality of the cuticles or (the outer most layer) of the hair.  For hair to be considered Remy, the cuticle layer must be facing the same direction in a closed state. Think of it like tightly packed shingles on the roof of a house. The cuticle facing the same direction is important because that is what gives hair its strength and longevity.  Intact cuticles are what keeps the hair from tangling and matting NATURALLY. Keep in mind that Remy quality is NOT the required industry standard in typical Virgin hair, however it is with Premium Virgin, & with Raw hair. That’s Why you can still buy “virgin” hair that tangles and becomes a nightmare… because it wasn’t Remy Quality!


All XtensionSpa hair is Virgin Remy until you color or bleach it.  Professional Color and bleach require peroxide which opens the cuticle.

Hair can also lose its Remy with the excessive use of hot tools.  We HIGHLY recommend using heat protective cream before using hot tools on any hair, and only allowing a professional colorist to color or bleach your extensions or wigs. If you’ve bought “virgin” hair that tangles and gets matted and dull after a few washes, it most certainly wasn’t remy. Many vendors use the blanket term “virgin” to trick unsuspecting buyers into automatically thinking that they have high quality hair. We’ve ALL been victims of a hair scam at one time  or another right? If you want to know what to look for so that you beat the hair scammers before they even try it, check out our blog ” How to Avoid Being Scammed When Buying Hair” check that out here—>


So Which is Better?

It all depends upon what your needs are! If you like to switch it up a lot, we suggest you go for virgin hair. The reason for this is that Virgin hair has a much shorter shelf life than RAW hair. Switching it up allows a wig or bundle to rest between styles, giving  a spectrum of use to your other units. If you stick to 1 or two staple looks, we suggest giving our Raw hair a try, as you’ll be wearing your units more often and our Raw quality will last you for years and years to come.  If you’re simply wondering which is higher quality, then Raw hair simply can’t be beat! When it comes to hair quality, RAW hair is the holy grail! However, authentic virgin hair is amazing and beautiful as well, and you can count on having your favorite consistent curl or wave pattern every time because of the steaming process, unlike RAw hair where the curl or wave patterns may vary (even within the same texture). They really are two different worlds. It also depends upon your budget! Both styles of hair we carry are the top quality within their type.  If you haven’t tried Raw hair before, we HIGHLY recommend making the investment! If you like the consistency and the price tag of virgin hair better, then you wont find a finer grade of virgin then what we carry here at XtensionSpa! Our quality simply cant be beat!

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