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Style Motivation: All about Normani!

Mmmmkay unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of gorgeous breakout music star Normani! We here at XtensionSpa are excited to watch her star rise so much that we’ve decided to dedicate this entire blog to teaching you all about her fabulous, sexy, hair flipping, hip rocking, style slaying self! She can sing, dance, and is undeniably gorgeous… ok and basically we want to wake up as her tomorrow. Well.. not in a creepy way or anything… I’m just saying…ok ok. Just forget it. Stop judging me. LOL…

If you didn’t already know, Normani is 1 fifth of the former girl group 5th Harmony. Shes now making her own moves and making everyone follow like puppies in the process! With her smash hit single “Motivation”, shes certainly letting us know she’s in the building!

In the companion video of her song, “Motivation” she is serving us total 90’s hip hop and R&B vibes and is paying an ode to all things old school 90’s! From the airbrushed shirts, to the infamous dancing in the rain sequence, and a shout out to 106 and Park, Normani has revived a special era in our hearts that that very few artists come back to revisit! Oh, and that hair tho!! Even during her time with 5th Harmony, her hair always stood out (shout out to her hair stylist… whoever you are!) Whether its long mermaid waves, a sassy bob, or box braids, shes serving us ALL the style inspiration we can shake our hips at, and we can’t wait to see what look she’ll show up in next!!

Did you happen to clock the 90’s geometric pony half up half down look that’s her signature style for the video? WE DID!! I promise you I wore that style OUT in the 90’s honey yass! You couldn’t tell me nothing with my glitter butterfly clips and my “Let’s Jam” gelled baby hairs! (shout out to 90’s formula Lets Jam!) but I’m glad she didn’t go back thaaaat far… lol. NO ONE needs baby hair so crispy they turn into uncooked ramen… ūü§£ but no worries because once again, she executed this look perfectly!

Now that her 5th Harmony days are in the wind, we’re excited to see what she brings to the table all by herself… and we can already judge from this 1 single, she ain’t just bringing her knife and fork. Of course, as any stunning, new,¬† young black singer/ dancer combo has to,¬† Normani is running the gauntlet. The haters are coming out of the wood work with style comparisons to other artists… ESPECIALLY¬† Beyonce’ ( I mean… does anyone else compare to the raining Queen?) Here’s the short answer… NO! Each artist is different and brings their own spice to the pot of music! Its TOTALLY ok to be inspired by, and stand on the shoulders of your idols to create the next rung in the ladder!

Beyonce’ did it with Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, Tina Turner did it with Ray Charles and Big Maybelle so on! We have a loooong and beautiful history within black music, spanning ALL genres and we must give the new ones a chance to make their mark! No comparisons, just appreciations! That said… not surprisingly, but unfortunately, Normani has even had to endure horrible racist comments from both haters and even former band mates (who will NOT¬† be named here because ahem, this post is about NORMANI, and we don’t give shine to ridiculous people.) The only reason I’m touching on it at all is because SHE is the winner! Through it all, she came out a shining star and stayed classy ( I mean, diamonds only form under extreme pressure right?)¬† now THAT’S some SERIOUS style Motivation and Inspiration right there! Staying classy and focusing on your goals in the face of hatred and discrimination. We can ALL learn from that, and we’re so proud of her!

We honestly just can’t wait to see whats next! Maybe a dope collab or two on her album? (Ok Normani, if you’re reading this I need you to do a Missy Elliot smash up,¬† a country song with Lil Nas X, and I need to see you on screen in Black Panther 2 ok? Please and thank you… oh and maybe you can be a Mermaid friend of Halle Bailey when she plays Ariel in the Live action Little Mermaid. Hello producers? Can anyone make this a reality PLEASE?!) Thanks in advance because we’re here for ALL of it!! Keep your eyes on Ms. Normani honey because I’m certain shes going to give us fans the run of our lives!

Now, IF you’re the 1% of people who HAVEN’T SEEN the Motivation video… We’re just gonna drop this lil gem right here. You’re welcome. I mean, its been out for only 3 weeks, and with over 40 MILLION VIEWS… whats 40 million more? Enjoy! xoxo

-Arnette Cameron-White



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