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The Best Blonde Shades for Dark Skin Tones!

Hey beauties! Summer is here and as always, blonde is in full slay mode…but what about for those of us with dark skin? Can we really wear blonde and win? Of course we can! If you’re worried about whether it will look right on you, DON’T! We’ve got a quick guide to navigate you through our favorite blonde shades that will complement your gorgeous melanin! So if you have your thoughts on trying something different, lets hop to it!!



Honey Blonde

You won’t be able  to keep the bees, er rather BOYS off you with this favorite! Honey blonde is a gorgeous shade on darker complexions! Its also a great starting point if you’re uncomfortable with going too light at first! This color is rich and warm, and great on dark  skin with either cool or neutral undertones. Honey blonde is a lovely palate for playing with highlights and low lights while keeping it in a comfort zone. You can keep the roots dark if you like, or take this color all the way up without worrying about becoming unbalanced between the color and your skin tone! Sweet honey blonde is always a win!


Ash Blonde


We love this color because it enhances golden undertones so well with out unbalancing them! If You’re considering going for this shade, be sure to do it with the idea in mind that less is best. Too much ash in a color can make you look green. To be sure this color is right for you, do a test strand on small piece of your extensions or wig and hold it up to your face to see if you like it. Once you’ve decided on going for it, use a high end color line to achieve the most long lasting results. We love the natural root addition to this shade. Of course adding a root is a personal preference, but we think it gives a great balance and enhances the over all look, while making it a bit more realistic. This may be the rout you choose, especially if you’re new to wearing blonde shades.  We suggest letting a professional colorist do this ( and all ) colors for you as ash blonde can be a tricky tone to master, but once perfected, there is NO doubt about how bomb it looks on dark skin!


Butter Pecan

We couldn’t even think about doing a blonde blog for chocolate girls without including the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul… the original dark skinned blonde diva Ms. Mary J. Blige! Shes been slaying our lives since the 90’s with her different blonde hues and has kept it on point like a ballerina on stilts for that entire time! She’s certainly got the 411 on how to do it best! This Butter pecan blonde plays with both golden blonde and ash with a pecan brown root that just wont quit! If you’re lookin’ for your real love, you can certainly find it in this multi faceted blonde! We recommend you don’t try to do this color on your own, and  make an investment with your favorite colorist so that you can get the shades to match exactly! This is such a beautiful color, everyone will want to share your world!


Platinum Blonde


This platinum is seriously EVERYTHING! Just when you thought a dark brown girl wouldn’t take it here, she lets you HAVE IT! Looking great in platinum blonde is a serious flex no matter what your skin tone is because it can look so cookie-cutter. Well, that’s not the case here… sis is slaying this platinum color for the Gods! The trick  to this flawless look for dark skin is the light cocoa root and neutral tone base. It’s not pulling either too warm or too cool, which allows for her gorgeous skin tone to shine through!


Ice Blonde

If this isn’t super hero vibes I don’t know what is!! She is channeling Storm from X-Men and Angels in Disguise! Most people would never think that a color this light would work on such a deep skin tone, however this beauty pulls it off flawlessly. This trick here is to use high quality hair. You can easily damage hair trying to get it this color if the hair has previously been processed in any way. Sure, you could go synthetic, but at the rate of looking like you’re trying celebrate Halloween early, we wouldn’t go that route.  We suggest using our high quality Virgin 613 Russian Blonde Body Wave hair instead, then tone it in a purple water color bath. YES!  This color is SUPER easy to achieve with the water color technique!  This hair color is FIRE on dark skin! We love the way she also plays with subtle shimmer highlight in a matching tone to tie this stunning look all together. Whether you choose this shade or take it all the way back to honey blonde, you’ll look beautiful in whatever you do!

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Alexis Johnson


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