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Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Fellas!

Hey guys!! Wanna knock her socks off this Valentine’s Day (or for any other special occasion)? We’ve got you!!  You’re about to be the man that she talks about non-stop to her friends, family, co-workers and on social media! We’ve got your gift guide to buying something you’ve probably NEVER thought of getting her… HAIR EXTENSIONS! Trust us… You’ll be THAT DUDE! The One who pays attention to detail. The one who knows her best and that one who thinks outside the box of chocolates and flowers (don’t get us wrong… we still love those things too!) but this is knowing her on an intimate level. Hair Extensions are the PERFECT gift for your special girl! Why? Because they’re the gift that keeps on giving! Our hair is the highest quality available, and it is re-useable for years and years! Long after those other guys flowers have died, and their chocolates have melted… YOUR GIFT of a great hair day will still be going strong!

Women LOVE men who pay attention to the little things! What we like, our new outfit, our hair and makeup and that we took the time to do it up nice! Having a great hair day EVERY DAY makes a woman feel Beautiful and well… quite frankly like Wonder Woman! When we feel beautiful, we are more… ahem… generous.

(Wink Wink… you feel what I’m saying?)

  This quick guide will navigate you through buying some of our most popular styles with ease and teach you ALL about the world of hair extensions so that you can make an EXPERT decision! Make her feel beautiful, and we’re sure she’ll make you happy too! Ahem!!! LOL…


Let’s get started!


So right now, take notice of your girl. What style does she wear her hair in? Long and straight? Short and Curly? Wavy? Afro? Does she switch it up with rainbow colors? Is she blonde or brunette?  If you’re totally clueless because she does ALL of these things don’t worry!

We’re going to help you make a selection based on what she wears most of the time as it is a fantastic way to tell what she likes best! But first, let’s get into what extensions really are!


1.Wig, Weave, or Extensions? What’s the difference?

Great question! A wig is a full piece “unit” that covers her entire head from forehead to the back of her neck, and from ear to ear. We sell pre-made and adjustable, but not custom made wigs. They are super easy to take on and off, and the quickest way to change up a style without much hassle. Ladies love ‘em!

A weave is a type of extensions, but the word “weave” is generally used to describe the method that they are attached. They are sewn-in or “weaved” into the natural hair using a needle and thread. These types of extensions are VERY common and extremely popular, as they come in “bundles” that your lady can use to either get a weave, or make her own custom wig! They are very popular with our African American ladies, as they allow their natural hair full protection from the damage of heat from curling irons and blow dryers. Their natural hair is braided down and hidden beneath it, so it gives a ton of freedom to switch up styles. Weaves are typically sewn in to stay on the head for anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

“Weave” or Sew-In Extensions done with bundles


Extensions are any form of hair that is used to “extend” the appearance of hair length or to add fullness. They are usually referred to as “extensions” and not a “weave” because of how they are attached. Lots of ladies use clip-in extensions when they want to glam it up for a night because they only take minutes to put in and take out at home. These are very popular with Caucasian, Latina, and Asian ladies, as the hair texture on these extensions typically matches perfectly to their natural hair texture. Their natural hair IS NOT hidden beneath it, but rather blended in with the extensions to create a look that is fuller and longer. These are also VERY common and extremely popular.

We also sell tape in extensions that work very well for ladies with naturally silky textures and they typically stay in for 4-6 weeks as well, but unlike weaves they are NOT sewn-in. These are applied at the salon with tape (which comes on it already so don’t worry if you want to purchase these). Unlike “bundles”, clip-ins and tape-ins aren’t used to make custom wigs, so there is a big difference.


Clip-In Extensions


Tape In-Extensions


2. Bundles 101

Our hair “bundles” also known as “sew-in” extensions or “weaves” range from short too long in inches. Lengths 10”-12” are considered short. Lengths 14”- 16” are considered medium. Lengths 18”- 20” are considered medium to long and anything over 22” is considered long. The length of the hair will determine how many “bundles” you need to buy! Typically, ladies buy 3 bundles just to be safe. We sell bundles individually or in convenient “bundle deals” which are a pack of 3 bundles that range in length. The benefit to that is that it creates layers in the hair without any effort! Ladies love that! Bundle deals also save you money and guess work! You can always purchase a 4th bundle separately if your lady likes to wear her hair long. Always match a 4th bundle to the longest bundle in your bundle deal!

Example: Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Deal



Short=2 bundles   Medium= 3 bundles    Long = 4 bundles

Our clip-in, and tape-in extensions are all 20” long or longer. Our wigs vary in length from 14″ to 20″. They are “pre- set” which means you only need to buy one. Here is a quick length guide for you! 


 3. Close the Deal!

When purchasing “bundles” or “sew in” type extensions, you want to “close the deal”. That means your girl will need a “closure” or a “frontal”. This is the mesh or “lace” part that makes the weave or custom wig look very natural. It is an essential part of a weave or custom wig.  You’ve probably heard the term “lace front”. A closure or frontal is what this term is referring to. When applied properly, a closure or frontal makes a weave or wig undetectable and indistinguishable from natural hair. They create a new hairline that can be styled just like natural hair, all while protecting the wearer’s real hair from heat and styling damage. What’s the difference? Versatility! A frontal is larger and covers more area (from ear to ear) allowing the wearer to part it on either side. A closure has less range. They typically go from eyebrow to eyebrow. Closures are great for ladies who love a center part or side part or  for the ladies who don’t want to do many style switches. A frontal is great for ladies who like more styling freedom. Both are EXTREMELY popular! Here is an example of what they look like on a model, and what they look like when you’re shopping.


Lace “Closure”


Lace “closure” Attached




Lace “Frontal”

Lace “Frontal” Attached


* Side note: You do NOT need to purchase a closure or frontal for our pre-made wigs, clip- in, or tape-in extensions!


4. Who’s that Lady?

Third, we’re going to talk about ethnicity. Yes, it matters because it lends itself to the TYPE of extensions she wears or may wear! If she’s of African descent, then she probably is used to the sew-in “weaves” or bundles type of extensions that we discussed earlier, or a wig. If she is European, Latina, or Asian decent (or her natural hair is a silky texture in a similar way) then she may go with clip in extensions or tapes. Keep this in mind when making your selection! If you’re TOTALLY at a loss, reach out to us at! We’re here to help you!


5. Waves or curls or kinks? What’s the difference?

Let’s talk texture! This may seem like a no brainer to some of you, but many guys just don’t pay that much attention to a woman’s hair texture! Straight hair is obvious, but when you’re not used to shopping for hair, trying to tell the difference between if the hair is wavy or curly, can be a challenge. Keep in mind you’re making your selection based on what she wears MOST OF THE TIME.

Now that you’re an extensions EXPERT… Let’s go shopping for your girl!

We’re going from straight to curly, beginning with our “sew-in” or “weave” style extensions, then we will move on to clip-ins, tape-ins, and finally wigs!


Our Brazilian Silky Straight hair is perfect for the girl who likes to rock this style as her signature look!

Click Here To Shop Our Brazilian Silky Straight Sew-In Bundle Deal!

Don’t forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a Closure!     Click here for a Frontal!



If she wears her hair in sexy waves like this, our body wave is the best option!

Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Body Wave Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a closure!    Click here for a frontal!


If she’s into a natural blown out look with texture, then it’s definitely our Brazilian Kinky Straight hair that will do the trick!


Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Kinky Straight Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure!

Click here for a closure! 


If she wears sexy waves that look like this, then its our Spanish Wave that’s her fav!

Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Spanish Wave Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a closure!    Click here for a frontal!


Does she rock gorgeous waves that look like this? Make her day with Our Deep Wave!

Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Deep Wave Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a closure!    Click here for a frontal!


Does your lady have more fun being a Blonde? Or does she customize her Blonde with Rainbow colors? If so our Russian Blonde is a MUST



Click Here to Shop Our Russian Blonde Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a closure!    Click here for a frontal!


Does your Sweetheart like thick full curls like these? Then it’s all about our Kinky Curly texture!

Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Kinky Curly Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure or frontal!

Click here for a closure!    Click here for a frontal!



Maybe your baby likes a full Afro like this? If so, keep her satisfied with our Afro Kinky Texture!


Click Here to Shop Our Brazilian Afro Kinky Sew-in Bundle deal!

Don’t Forget to “close the deal” with a closure!

Click here for a closure!


If you’re looking to purchase clip-in extensions for her, our hair texture options for those are straight, but don’t worry! She can easily curl it or add waves if she wants to! Clip- In extensions are great for a night or two, or to use any time she wants to get glam quickly! We have tons of colors to choose from as well!

Click Here to Shop Our Clip-In Extensions!


If you think she’d like to leave her extensions on for longer than a few nights, or you know she goes to the salon to have them done, Tape-In extensions will be perfect! They also come in a range of colors and can be curled and styled with ease!

Click Here to Shop Our Tape-In Extensions!


Is your girl rocking a different hairstyle pretty much EVERY TIME you see her? If so, she’s into wigs!!

* Pro Tip! The more “lace” on a wig, the more expensive. We carry both “Full lace” wigs and “Lace Front” wigs. The more lace, the more she will LOVE IT… lace is what gives a wig a more realistic look!


Click Here to Shop Wigs!

Be sure to SWEETEN the Deal by adding a gorgeous pair of 3D Mink Lashes to your order! Women go CRAZY for this super sexy beauty booster!

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or click below to shop our 2 most popular Lash styles!

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Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Don’t forget to reach out to us at if you have any questions or need our help making a selection! You’re an AMAZING GUY, and we hope she knows how Lucky she is! Be sure to Use the Code “Lover” for 10% off your Valentine’s Day Purchase!


Angelica Norman-Russel



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