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What Lace? Tips to Help you Melt your Lace like a Pro!

There are very few things that can top the feeling of freshly melted, flawless lace! You’ve seen the videos & pictures on social media showing off those stunning lace installs that celebrities like Beyonce’, Megan thee Stallion, Nikki Minaj, and SZA are rocking! But of course they have the coins to  get the best of the best when it comes to stylists! If you’re seeking a flawless hairline without having to be a millionaire ( or heavy thousandaire, lol…. is that a thing?) then this blog is for you! There are many different types of lace, but in this blog we’re not going to focus on the types themselves, but rather how to get the best possible melt.

If you’re wondering which lace is best for you, or you simply wish to learn more about  all of the different types, we suggest you take a look at our blog on different types of lace! That guide will help you determine which is best for you and your needs! Click Here> To Read that blog instead!


So, how DO you get that celebrity flawless #whatlace finish? Let’s dive right in!


Tip 1- Get Clean!

Before getting to your lace, there is 1 essential step that will benefit the entire process, and it’s something I RARELY hear mentioned. Wash your hands!!! What? That’s right… wash those hands and get them nice and dry. When left on the hands, your natural oils can make the lace glue turn white (ew!) or keep the adhesive from from sticking at all; in which case you case, you’d have to start all over! A white flaky hairline is never a good look, especially if you have a dark skin tone.


Tip 2- Prep Your Skin Like a Pro!

Prep your hairline BEFORE applying your glue, tape, or other adhesive. This step may seem small, but it’s CRUCIAL to the longevity of your melt, especially if you have oily skin. Even normal to dry skin can collect extra sweat, oil and sebum from your pores. This makes it difficult for the adhesive to hold for long periods of time, so its best to swoop it away. You can use 91% alcohol, but sometimes it can OVER dry the skin and leave it vulnerable.  Try this well kept celebrity stylist secret! Pre moistened Skin Prep Towelettes!  You can find them at your local drug store! These dual action wipes both clean the skin of excess oils, AND they create an invisible barrier of protection between your skin and the adhesive! They also help adhesives stick even better! YASS! They are the same wipes used by doctors and nurses in hospitals to protect the skin from harsh surgical glues and tapes!

Tip 3- Lay that Cap!

Using the stocking cap method? There’s a right way and a BETTER way! We love the ear hole method for the ultimate melt! Check out this video to see the difference! Getting your stocking cap on point can make the ALL the difference between the perfect melt, and total lace fail! This quick video shows several of the methods we’ve outlined in this blog, including the ear hole bald cap, how to use a rat tail comb to stick down the lace, and how to safely use a hot comb!


Tip 3- Patience!

Have patience! Work section by section when trimming your lace & placing your adhesive. When you rush this part, you can create creases and bubbles in the lace that are impossible to fix, unless you remove the entire thing. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We suggest adding an elastic band to your frontal or unit BEFORE you try to add any adhesives. That way, you can get a good idea of there exactly to lay your glue or spray to tack it down. An elastic band also gives you an snug fit that helps when trimming your lace because it gets it super close to your skin. This helps you to not have to remove the entire thing when you want to stick it down,  so you won’t make a mistake and glue your unit off center! Buy an extra long piece of elastic, and once you’ve found your perfect length, save the excess. We’ll get to why in tip 5!  We suggest using a tool like a rat tail comb when it comes time to push the lace into the adhesive. Its more precise, and wont spread any oils.


Tip 4- Get Ziggy With it!

When trimming your lace, We suggest cutting it in a zig zag pattern. This helps to eliminate that undeniably clockable look of a weird, unnaturally straight hairline. A total celebrity stylist hack for cutting it this way that’s also great for beginners is by using pinking shears! This is how its done by many celebrity stylists in the film industry because it tricks the eye by creating an artificial blurr effect! Think of it as face tune for your lace! Heeey… Lace Tune! Skirr Skirr!

Tip 5- Lock and Load!

After you stick your lace down, tie it down to MELT. The old school way is to use a silk scarf or black strip. We know the celebrity stylist way!!! Remember the excess elastic band you saved after you added the piece to your unit?   Now its time to see why you saved it! Did you know that many celeb stylists use it to melt the lace? Here’s the trick! Tie that extra piece over the LACE ONLY and secure it at your nape. Using a scarf or strip for this can leave lines in the hair and mash your hairstyle, creating an extra step that you have to fix. Using the excess elastic also helps you to get a good amount of tension on the lace which will  melt  it down like no scarf or strip ever could! We suggest leaving it tied down for the length of time it takes to do your makeup, or no less than 15 minutes!

Tip 6- Make it HOT!

Once you remove the tie down, and being VERY careful,  use a hot comb to smooth your hairline just that much more. Use it in your parting space ( if you have one) and all across from ear to ear. This will silk out any crunchy bits and capture fly aways at the same time, leaving you an undetectable and flawless finish!


Do you have any lace melting secrets you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! Until Next time Gorgeous!

Vox Meyers



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