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What the Heck is Dry Brushing (and what can it do for you)??!

Happy New Year! This month, it’s all about helping you sooth your winter skin blues! If you’re anything like me, my skin used to itch from dryness alllll winter!  That’s 3 months of hopelessly trying to scratch my back on any textured wall, sticking pencils in my socks to get those ashy ankles, and squeezing every tube of lotion down to the white meat trying to relieve myself of my winter skin dryness. Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil… you name it, I tried it. It would work for a little while and slowly the dryness would creep back in like Freddy Kruger into an unsuspecting teenagers dream… then the saga would continue. That is, until my friend tuned me on to DRY BRUSHING! Turns out, I wasn’t actually moisturizing my skin, but stripping it with those extttraaa hot showers that I love (hot water can deplete the skin of its natural oils) which encourages dead skin to form faster, thereby creating an invisible barrier between your new skin and any moisturizer you try! Now my winter skin feels like satin, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

When done properly, dry brushing will make your skin silky smooth and glowing! But can’t you just exfoliate in the shower with a scrub? Well, yes… but dry brushing has benefits that wet exfoliation does not! If you want to find out what the Egyptians knew that can help you achieve your most flawless skin EVER… (along with some other amazing things it can do for your body!) READ ON!


What is it? 

Dry Brushing is the Ancient Egyptian practice of brushing dry skin all over the body to exfoliate it, thereby helping the body naturally turn over new skin cells without depleting the body of moisture. A stiff bristled brush or loofah is used on dry skin to gently lift away dead skin, creating a smooth and youthful glow that is healthy and chemical free.

How do I do it?

I like to start on the bottom of my feet on dry skin. Using gentle circular motions, move in extended upward strokes on the legs, tummy, arms and so on. Be sure to use lighter pressure when brushing over sensitive areas like the breasts, or neck. Avoid soft tissue areas like face or erogenous zones. Use a brush with natural, stiff bristles. Brushes with long handles are great for hard to reach areas like the back and rear. Its ok to go over the same area more than once, but be sure not to scrub hard. This should be very gentle and bring in self love.

What if I have Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you can still benefit from dry brushing. Get yourself a brush that’s a little softer and be very gentle. start on your feet first, or the inner part of your wrist to see how your skin takes to it. Be sure to use a VERY gentle pressure and don’t stay on one area too long. If a brush is too much, try a dry wash cloth or puff sponge instead.

How often should I dry brush for the best results?

3-4 times a week is plenty. If your skin is sensitive, try once a week to see how your body feels, then add more sessions as you become accustomed. Be sure to take a warm right shower after to rinse away the dead skin… you may not see it, but trust me its there. I love a super hot shower, but remember that you just removed a layer of skin, so the closer you can get to a cooler temperature (not cold.. but slightly warmer than luke warm is ideal) as to not irritate or remove too much natural oil from your skin. Remember to clean your brush also to keep it free of debris, and let the brush dry outside of the shower, especially if the handle is wooden.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes!! Dry brushing aides in improving blood circulation naturally! It also encourages lymph movement and unclogs pores which detoxes the skin and gives an over all youthful appearance! Dry brushing also naturally stimulates the nervous system, so you may feel a natural energy boost after you’re finished!

Anything else I should know?

Never dry brush damaged or broken skin. Avoid dry brushing if you are sun burned , wind burned, or if your skin is chapped and split/or cracked. Do not dry brush if you have skin cancer or are being treated by a dermatologist for skin issues such as excessive eczema, plaque psoriasis or similar issues. Consult your doctor before dry brushing if you’re pregnant. Dry brushing is only for healthy skin.


We hope you enjoyed this quick blog about this simple, yet highly effective technique to beat dry winter skin at its own game! We know you’ll love it! Until next time beauties!

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